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  • The Singing Stone (English)


    When Storm holds her stone and sings, everyone in the village stops to listen.

  • The Singing Stone (Xhosa)


    When Storm holds her stone and sings, everyone in the village stops to listen.

  • The Singing Stone (Zulu)


    When Storm holds her stone and sings, everyone in the village stops to listen.

  • The Street Art Stencil Book


    The Street Art Stencil Book is a pure celebration of the art of the stencil. It is a book of stencils that can be used and treasured or just simply be an inspiration to others to create.

  • The Table that Ran Away to the Woods


    “The Table that Ran Away to the Woods” tells the tale of a writing desk that one day ‘grabbed two pairs of shoes/ran downstairs, and took flight’, escaping into the countryside with its owners in barefoot pursuit. This is the first time the story – first published in a Polish newspaper in 1940 and recreated in this exquisite collaged version in 1963 – has been made available to an English-speaking audience. Franciszka and Stefan Themerson were Polish avant-garde artists and filmmakers who arrived as refugees in London, she in 1940, he in 1942, and who continued to work on a huge range of creative projects in England. With her unique illustrations, and his deceptively simple, humorous stories, they created many successful children’s books together. Lovingly republished, this will be an opportunity for a new audience to escape into a book, which, as Wadely says in his introductory note, ‘has all the innocence of a child’s song, as the table dances back to nature, and the liberated typography floats across the page’.

  • The Weed


    From the highly acclaimed author/illustrator Quentin Blake, The Weed is an inspiring fable about the power of nature, encouraging children and adults alike to care for the environment and each other. It is a charming, fantastical story about discovery, the potential for growth, the power of an idea and the importance of having faith in the unknown.

    The Meadowsweet family suddenly and expectedly find themselves at the bottom of a giant crack in the earth. With the help of their pet bird, Octavia and a magical seed, the family go on a journey to the surface.

  • This Clumsy Monster


    There are colour-changing monsters, and then there is Clumsy! Read the story, unfold it and play with him. This is a concertina board book telling the story of a monster who cannot blend into the background, therefore is always in trouble but that is also why he is so special. After reading the story, it can be fully opened into a large character to play with.

  • This is a Voice


    Whether you’re a member of a choir or a professional singer, preparing for a big presentation or planning a wedding speech, This is a Voice will ensure that you make yourself heard.

  • Three Little Owls


    Three Little Owls is a charming rhyming story by the Italian artist Emanuele Luzzati

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    Tullula is a majestic bird born into royalty – the ndunas of the herd. Being a nduna means having to guard the skies at night (although it’s not entirely clear what the ndunas are guarding against). Tullula longs for something different, so she sneaks off during the day (while the rest of the ndunas are sleeping) to explore what life is like living in sunlight.

  • Two Kings


    When the old king dies, a Duke and Earl find themselves in competition for the Kingdom. Their vanity and greed sees them locked in a futile battle, which impacts the lives of the people who live in the Kingdom.

  • Ubaba KaJafta – isiZulu


    Jafta’s father is coming home. He has been away for a very long time, but things are changing in his country and now he can return. Jafta will be able to tell him about all the things that he has missed,

  • Shorty and the Billy Boy (IsiXhosa)


    Written and illustrated in 1973 by one of South Africa’s most famous artists, Gerard Sekoto, Shorty and Billy Boy, is a book for children as well as art lovers and collectors. The manuscript forms part of a private collection of Sekoto’s sketches, artworks, letters and memoirs.

  • Ujafta – IsiXhosa


    Jafta, a young boy growing up in Africa, describes some of his everyday feelings by comparing his actions to those of various African animals.

  • Umama kaJafta – isiXhosa


    Meet Jafta, a little boy living in an African village sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood. Jafta was born after prize-winning author, Hugh Lewin, was released from prison after a seven-year sentence for his opposition to apartheid. With exquisite poignancy, he describes the life of separation Jafta experiences growing up without his father….

  • UMama KaJafta – IsiZulu


    Jafta describes his mother by comparing her to the earth and nature. He starts his descriptions with sunrise and goes through his daily tasks until bedtime