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  • Wine Tours in the South of France


    This book takes readers on an informative and picturesque stroll through the sun-drenched regions of the south of France, which in the past 15 years has dramatically revamped its wine-growing and vinification procedures.

  • With Both Hands Waving:A Journey Through Mozambique


    Incorporating contemporary conflict and historical tradition in Mozambique, this travel memoir chronicles the experiences of a team of South African journalists who journeyed up the tropical coast of Southeast Africa and across the interior land of Mozambique in the early 1990s.

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    Women by Women: 50 Years of Women’s Photography in South Africa


    This book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March on the Union Buildings. It provides a dramatic and unprecedented showcase of photographic talent, from the early pioneers of social documentary, including Anne Fischer and Constance Stuart Larrabee, to the challenging images created by women in South Africa today.

  • Women Writing Africa: The Eastern Region


    This volume highlights twenty-three languages and five east african countries: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It forcuses on the daily lives of women in retellings of personal sufferings and truimphs, parlimentary speeches, friction, poetry and songs, and the roles of women in creating and educated people in nations free from colonial rule. Marriage is a theme that runs throughout: “A Mother’s Advice and Prayer” from 1858 is a nuptial manual in verse, and “I Want a Divorce,” taken from a 1922 court record, gives a valuable glimpse of the power struggles between husband and wife. On a lighter note, a collection of recent song lyrics complains about useless husbands and lovers. Many 20th-century writers address colonialism and independence: Penina Muhando Mlama’s “Creating in the Mother-Tongue” looks at the linguistic, literary and socioeconomic obstacles to writing in indigenous languages.

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    Woodworking for the Weekend


    With easy-to-follow instructions, inspiring photographs and helpful step-by-step illustrations, Woodworking for the Weekend is chock-full of inspiring projects to make the most of the weekends.

  • XS Green: Big Ideas, Small Buildings


    Follow-up to the bestselling title XS: Big Ideas, Small Buildings, XS Green devotes itself to a wide range of small-scale, idiosyncratic projects created by the biggest names in global architecture.

  • You Say You Want A Revolution? Records & Rebels 1966-1970


    The late 1960s were a period of great turbulence and rapid social and political change. You Say You Want a Revolution? examines that moment when youth culture drove an optimistic idealism, motivating people to come together and question established power structures across every area of society. It shows how many of the issues that dominate contemporary discourse – environmentalism, globalization, individualism or mass-communication – have roots that can be traced back to the 1960s.

  • Yves Saint Laurent – P. Berge


    At the age of 21 Yves Saint Laurent became head of the House of Dior. Four years later, he and Pierre Berge, author of this intriguing book, opened Saint Laurent’s eponymous house; forever changing the way women dress. Yves Saint Laurent designs have become part of the grammar of fashion. This illustrated volume presents vibrant photographs of his most important designs and a personal text honoring his legacy.

  • Zapiro – My Big Fat Gupta Wedding


    Zapiro needs no introduction. His eighteenth annual speaks for itself