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  • White Casket


    In The White Casket, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi has created a bizarre fantasy world inhabited by department store “elevator girls”. In upscale Japanese department stores, the elevator girl performs the role of a hostess, directing customers to their destinations while lending an aura of elegance to the shopping experience.

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    Why Photography Matters As Never Before – Michael Fried


    From the late 1970s onward, serious art photography began to be made at large scale and for the wall. Michael Fried argues that this immediately compelled photographers to grapple with issues centering on the relationship between the photograph and the viewer standing before it that until then had been the province only of painting.

  • Women of Consequence – Heroines Who Shaped the World


    An inspiring illustrated history of a century of great women and their impact on the world. Many of the world’s greatest pioneers, record-breakers, and achievers over the last century were women.

  • Women Photographers and Feminist Aesthetics


    Developing the argument that through aesthetic force emerges the truly political, the book moves beyond polarization of the aesthetic and the cultural. Instead, photographic works are read for their subversive political and cultural force, as it emerges through the aesthetics of the image.

    This book is ideal for students of Photography, Art History, Art and Visual Culture, and Gender.

  • World of Art: American Art and Architecture


    This new survey provides a complete history of American art and architecture from its seventeenth-century colonial beginnings to the latest installation and video work

  • Youssef Nabil: Sleep in My Arms


    In this very beautiful volume of his work Nabil has focused on men at the hour of sleep, either alone or in tangent positions, an aura of erotica hovers above each image. Yet Nabil avoids the ‘in your face’ imagery so prevalent in other photographers of the male books.

  • (Zip Zip) My Brain Harts


    Taking its title from the wordplay of a child who has cerebral palsy, this book spotlights the world of disability- a world that tends to be secret, a source of stigma, shame and disgrace.

    The subtle and sensitive photography of Angela Buckland records her journey through this world from when she first suspected that her son was disabled to her decision to record the experiences of seven families with disabled children.