A Hill of Fools


A Hill of Fools cleverly brings together a poetic and traditional story-telling style with the daunting challenges that contemporary Africa faces to create a compelling and memorable read that resonates with the complexity and beauty of Africa.

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Ruled by the dictatorial King Kutu – a man happy to grow in his wealth, cultivate his lands and indulge his taste for women – the African country of Doma has been plunged into darkness and violence and is plagued by rampant corruption.

When Anuba is brutally murdered, the king calls on Anday, a high-ranking member of the country’s police force who has long-standing ties with the royal family, to investigate the killing. Anday must set aside the betrayals and disappointments that have plagued his own life to solve the crime, and in the process, try to bring his beloved country back from the brink of disaster. A policeman turned leader, he finds himself instrumental in leading the people of Doma to rise up against their oppressor and flee to the neighbouring country of Giguyu where they hope for a better life.

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