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Art & Australia – Deluxe Edition

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Revolutions – Forms That Turn: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Sydney Biennale 2008 Curator, in conversation with Russell Storer on the theme for the Biennale, and the response of the artists such as William Kentridge.

Spherical and Without Exits: thoughts on William Kentridge’s anamorphic film What Will Come (Has Already Come), by Jane Taylor. Taylor’s essay focuses of Kentridge’s novel adaptation and evolution of the techniques of anamorphic and stereographic drawing, and the natural questions of perception and the mind’s apprehension and understanding of the world that it perceives.  With work Kentridge has created for exhibition at the Annandale Gallery, Telegrams From the Nose, and the Sydney Biennale in response to curator Chritov-Bakargiev’s theme of ‘Revolution – Forms That Turn’ and ways of seeing, which can also be seen in Everyone Their Own Projector.

Artist pages by William Kentridge, images of Kentridge’s current work in progress, with an A4 poster of Kentridge’s lithographs commissioned for Art & Australia, with a series of posters available for purchase.

– Conceptual Artist Meets Girl: Stuart Ringholt and the art of self-improvement, by Sarah Tutton

– Michael Rakowitz and the tactics of being in-between and everywhere else by Hannah Feldmann

-Vernon Ah Kee: rainforest surfer by Robert Leonard

The standard edition of ‘Art & Australia’ is also available for purchase.