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Draft for the expansion of TAEP


DKARTS Resource consists of David Krut Publishing, David Krut Print Workshop, DKARTS Gallery and Bookstore, and the Taxi Art Educational Programme.

Its vision can be detailed as follows:

1. Collaboration

This is the primary focus of David Krut Arts Resource. Our professional printing workshop, David Krut Print Workshop, situated on Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood, invites established as well as young, emerging artists to come and use our print workshop facilities and to work with our printers Tim Foulds, Jill Ross and trainee assistant Mlungisi Khongisa. Here the artist’s creative energy is joined to the skills of the printmakers and this results in dynamic creative activity and the production of experimental and highly sophisticated works. The conversations between the collaborators (printmakers and artists) in the workshop allow for an infusion of new ideas.

We aim to extend this spirit of collaboration to all of our other activities, including the Taxi Art Education Programme.

2. Effective Communication and Sustainability

The publishing activity David Krut Publishing has been producing the Taxi Art Books series of monographs on contemporary South African artists for the last five years. Each book in the series is accompanied by an Educational Supplement that aims to make the ideas presented in the book itself accessible to a wide audience, including secondary school learners and tertiary institution students.

In order to reach teachers and learners through these publications, and thereby to sustain the interest in contemporary South African art, there is a vital need for informal activities such as writing programmes and art classes. DKARTS has established the Taxi Art Education Programme to disseminate the Educational Supplements, to institute a series of writing workshops in order to promote talent amongst aspiring arts writers, and to conduct an informal art teaching programme in the inner city of Johannesburg to encourage interest in the visual arts. The art-teaching programme is currently running regular Friday art classes at the Michaelis Art Library in the Johannesburg City Library.

In 2003 David Krut Publishing organised a TAXI Art Writing Course which helped attendees to find employment in the Arts and PR fields.

DKARTS has been supporting the Body Maps HIV/AIDS art project has been active since December 2003 and the art works from this project are now on permanent display at the Constitutional Court, and traveling abroad. This project is being run in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, and has been an excellent way of creating awareness of AIDS; The Body Maps were created by a group of fourteen HIV+ individuals, and what began as a form of art therapy evolved into a book called Long Life and the editioning of the artworks.

3. Skills Transfer

The Taxi Art Education Programme aims to introduce learners, teachers, and young adults to the arts, in the belief that:

Teachers will be better equipped to educate their learners.

Learners and school leavers will receive a form of vocational guidance as they’d be exposed to the various ways in which art can be used as a career.

Individuals can take the skills that they have acquired back into their communities.

Art may form the basis for “therapy” and the enrichment of individual lives. Several of the participants in the Taxi Art Education Programme’s art classes have shown evidence of improved self esteem and creative confidence.

Furthermore, The Taxi Art Education Programme aims to:

Contribute to inner-city revival and enrichment by working with the Johannesburg Central Library. There is a plan to also collaborate with CIDA City Campus a major business education college in the inner city.

Encourage and promote arts education in South Africa.

Foster the idea that art facilitates in the creation and cementing of personal identity.

The Taxi Art Education Programme is aimed at:

The unemployed: participation in the programme gives them a sense of purpose and meaning and could possibly lead to a sustainable career in the arts.

School leavers: the programme serves as a form of vocational guidance.

Street children: participation in drawing classes and other activities gives a sense of belonging and purpose.

Inner-city school children: art classes and other activities provide a valuable after-school experience.

Teachers: arts-related activities broaden their knowledge of the arts and provide them with the necessary skills to convey the knowledge to their students.

4. Accreditation

We are considering applying for registration with MAPP SETA. The intention would be to prepare for a Taxi Art Education certificate of proficiency in arts administration and communication.

The attendees of the Taxi Art Education Programme will then have an official document to present with job applications, in art and creative communication fields. We have also had some workshops with CIDA Business City Campus and hope to collaborate more with them to advance the business of art.

TAXI Art Education Programme in Creative Communication

Since August 2005 DKARTS has been running a trial educational course at the Johannesburg Central Library to assess the interest in art classes with Rene Van Der Riet, the head of the Michealis Art Library. These courses have employed young artists to teach with materials provided by DKARTS. Besides teaching drawing it has also encouraged students to use the library facilities and read books and magazines to which they would otherwise not have access. So the course is also bringing attention to inner-city resources which currently are poorly promoted.

Sponsorship will allow the program to be extended as follows:

A six month programme of courses, to be held two days a week, at the Michaelis Art Library, a dedicated section of the Johannesburg Central Library.

b) The course will run two days a week. There will be two sessions of 2.5 hours are envisaged with groups of twelve each, split into a junior and a senior group.

c) The mentors would be employed 10 hours a week. Various suitable courses would be devised by the mentors and attendees completing an agreed number of sessions would be given a certificate of achievement.

d) Experienced group members would be able to spend time at DKARTS in Parkwood, Johannesburg with a view to becoming interns for a short period after conclusion of their course. This practical experience together with the mentoring would provide basic skills for employment in a gallery, provincial and government arts & culture departments, or other arts environment in an administrative or other capacity.


Visual Literacy

Appreciation of the arts as a major form of communication

Addressing AIDS issues through the arts, (Body Maps HIV/AIDS Project)

Creating an understanding of the arts in a community

Developing an awareness of the different aspects of all the arts

Initial training for a long-term career in the arts; and appreciation of arts administration

An exhibition of art works would be the concluding event to allow a full learning curve for the attendees of the project

A plan is being explored to extend the programme to outreach classes at suitable community venues such as Diepkloof Library and individual high schools in Soweto that are interested in promoting art as a Matric subject.

The programme will be run from the offices of DKARTS which would provide the programme coordinator and administrative assistant.