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No.1: First Works by 362 Artists


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Sincere and ironic. Hip and stodgy. Academic still life’s and ready-to-hang museum pieces. When you ask over 300 artists, “What was your first work of art” the results are vast. An inspirational collection, No.1: First Works by 362 Artists showcases works by a variety of contemporary painters, photographers, sculptors, and filmmakers.The artists were asked to submit what they considered their “first” work of art–not necessarily the first piece they ever created, but the one that first successfully represented who they are as an artist today. Some of the works are first “mature” works, others are seminal or pivotal, others are catalysts, some are new beginnings. These submissions, along with written artists’ statements, make up this fascinating look at the process of art-marking. No.1 is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in art and the process of discovery and creation.