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Once upon a time – Guridi


Bard has a unique ability! He tells the most incredible stories to the people in his village. But what would happen if one day he stopped speaking? What would life be like without stories?

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Ever since he was a little boy, Bard had a unique ability to turn words and sentences into amazing stories. These stories captivated everyone in his village. But one day, Bard suddenly stops speaking . . . Will the villagers be able to solve the problem? Will Bard ever tell his wonderful stories again? Find out in this beautiful story of friendship that reveals the magic of storytelling.

Imagine being a storyteller who loses their voice. Meet Bard, the fascinating central character in “Once Upon a Time”… Tate Publishing once again show their knack for picking up the most exquisitely attractive books with “Once Upon a Time” by Raul Guridi.

Bard, the aforementioned storyteller, has adored stories ever since he was a child. As an adult, Bard becomes a well respected and popular member of his village. Everyone brings new words to Bard for him to weave stories from.  But one fateful day Bard suddenly loses the ability to speak, and the storytelling abruptly ceases.

Without stories, everyone becomes sad and listless. Despite their best attempts to break Bard’s deep blue funk, he doesn’t utter a word. Without words there can be no stories, or can there? Bard soon realises that there may be a way back to his old self after all with the help of one of his friends. The book rather cleverly keeps the word count to a bare minimum with artwork to match, yet it’s still a thing of complete beauty in all its blue-toned glory.

Raúl Nieto Guridi is a Spanish illustrator of children’s books. He lives in Seville and works as a teacher of drawing in secondary education and an illustrator. He appreciates sincerity, imagination, gentleness and simplicity in the children’s world.

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