/ / / / South Africa at a Canter : A Cultural Rhapsody

South Africa at a Canter : A Cultural Rhapsody


The book is printed in a sepia tint that integrates the feel of the old photos, recipes, machines, furniture, houses, events, places and characters that populate this interesting book. To look into these scenes is to have that time travel experience where eyes watch you from years gone by and places live again as they did before they fell into the faded collections of photographs and anecdotes that wove them into history.


The theme is culture and the many cultures that have made up what South Africa has become. From the traditional African to the colonial European, ethnic Afrikaner and modern citizen, these pages tell the story of how culture forms the crucible for the way people are, the way they become and the ways they can discover that will give them reasons to live, to live together and to survive, to love, to understand one another and the world and to hold up this achievement as an icon of triumph in a world often characterised by confusion, hostility, conflict and despair. In the small things of the everyday men and women lie the big things that matter. From the lives and activities of ordinary folk, history weaves its tapestry of belonging and surviving and getting along with others who may be vastly different in some ways, yet still very much the same in others.

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