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The Artist in the Garden – The Quest for Moses Tladi


Discover South Africa’s first black artist working in an international style.

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Like Monet, who was his first inspiration, Moses Tladi was a gardener and an artist. He was born in remote Sekhukhuneland, east of Pretoria, South Africa. His father was a medicine man who made a living by working in iron. Tladi’s mother was a gifted potter. In his early childhood, Tladi herded cattle in the hill-country around his home.

Later, in the mid 1920s, he found employment in Johannesburg as gardener to Herbert Read. Subsequently, Read introduced Tladi to the collector and philanthropist Howard Pim. Together they promoted Tladi at public exhibitions from 1929 onwards.

The Quest for Moses Tladi is a poignant and personal story relating to a wider world of art, family, home, love and loss against a background of the dramatic events that have encompassed all of us since the dawn of the new South Africa.