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The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing


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The End of the Line: Attitudes to Drawing features 11 internationally acclaimed artists, including Jan Albers, Michael Borremans, Marc Brandenburg, Fernando Bryce, Kate Davis, Monika Grzymala, David Haines, Kim Hiorthoy, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Garrett Phelan and Naoyuki Tsuji. As a group, their work represents a vast range of possible interpretations of drawing, from meticulously rendered quotidian scenes to three-dimensional drawings that merge with and respond to architectural space. Though drawing foundered in art schools during the 1970s, tainted by academicism, recently it has undergone a resurgence of popularity, partly because of its accessibility as a tool for communicating personal visions and ideas. Each of these artists treats drawing as a primary means of expression and a practice in its own right. Writer and Cabinet magazine editor Brian Dillon explores these ideas and the context of drawing within contemporary art.