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The Swimming Lesson and Other Stories


A major strength of this collection is its precisely noted and rendered detail. Whatever the themes-whether the dilemmas of being differently abled; trapped in lower-income constraints; or born female in an abusively gendered world-they are relayed with authenticity. There is a strongly visceral component to the stories, with the body and its various vulnerabilities, captivities, and seductions featuring in many of them. Some pieces broaden out, both creatively and topically, to explore less obvious facets of staying afloat.


This short-story collection by well-known poet, author, and playwright Kobus Moolman is a volume of originality with much to recommend it. Written across a range of creative styles, voices, contexts and genres, each singular story holds its place with slice-of-life impact, drawn with the keenly observed detail and insight that has come to characterize Moolman’s work.