Villa at 90

His assimilation of the international and sculptural revolution of the 20th Century is reflected in the power synergy that exists between his work and the varied settings in which many of his sculptures are displayed.


Edoardo Villa is one of South Africa’s most respected sculptors. His creativity has been characterised by a discipined work ethic encapsulated in his phrase, ‘to work is to live.’ The book, conceived as a tribute to coincide with Villa’s 90th birthday, is a rich visual document of his sculptural development over six decades. Lavishly illustrated with photographs of the contemporary works by Mario Todeschini, and a gallery of finely distilled historical images by Egon Guenther, the wealth of photographs not only with both the full trajectory of Villa’s evolving oeuvre, but also chronicles his life from his early beginnings in Bergamo right through to his 2005 landmark exhibtion at Lanzerac in the Western Cape.