AfriLang | Elders at the Door by Maryanne Bester and Shayle Bester | English / isiZulu

Introducing, Elders at the Door: Early one morning three tired, dirty, hungry elders – Blessing, Wisdom and Love – knock on the door of a family home. The family wishes to invite them in but they can only choose one visitor to enter their home. Which of the three do they pick? This fable is told across the continent and belongs to all of Africa and its people. Although the setting and characters are quintessentially African – from the rhythms of their speech to the patterns on their clothes – the message is universal. This is a book for every child and family.

Read here in English by Annabel Williams and in Zulu by Nomazitah Ngwenya.

David Krut Bookstore brings you ‘AfriLang’, a new venture taken on by the David Krut collective to promote and propel stories told through a variety of languages indigenous to our nation.

From English, isiZulu, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Sepedi, Sesotho and Sestswana, the team at David Krut Bookstore have made it their mission to practice language inclusivity and uphold the representation of the range of South African tongues at work in this country. Priding itself on its’ unique array of Children’s books, David Krut Bookstore are catalyzing on the 18 multilingual children’s publications it currently stocks to develop the Afrilang program, that will facilitate and encourage the publication of books in multiple South African indigenous languages.

Please stay-tuned for media content – videos and content – to promote the Afrilang project.

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