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  • WAITING for the SIBYL


    The text in this book is essentially the libretto of the chamber opera WAITING for the SIBYL, which was made for the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and first performed there in September 2019. Music for the opera was composed by Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Kyle Shepherd.

  • Ben Nicholson


    Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) was considered to be one of the greatest British artists of the twentieth century, first coming to international prominence with his famous ‘white reliefs’ of the 1930s. A pioneer of abstract art in Britain, he played a significant role in the European avant-garde, forming close links with Picasso, Braque, Arp, Mondrian and others. At the same time, he had a strong sense of tradition, maintaining a life-long attachment to landscape and still-life forms.

  • William Blake: Tate British Artists


    More than 150 years after his death, William Blake (1757–1827) remains a cryptic and controversial figure. Equally gifted as a poet and a painter, he produced work that is as arresting for its beauty as for its strangeness. With this fresh examination of Blake’s unfolding career, William Vaughan presents an artist with a radical and utterly individual vision, who was deeply concerned with the social, religious, and political issues of his age.

  • Bernard Leach-Tate British Artists


    Bernard Leach was a pre-eminent artist-potter of the twentieth century. In the early part of his career he spent twelve formative years in Japan, during a period of febrile excitement in the arts. In 1920 he returned to England to set up a studio in St Ives. Leach’s influence on the growth of the studio pottery movement, both in Japan and in the West, has been profound. His making of ceramics and his teaching of some of the foremost artist-potters of the period gives him a central place in the international history of the decorative arts.

    Edmund de Waal is a world-famous author and ceramicist. He is the author of The Hare with Amber Eyes, winner of the Costa Book Award for Biography and the Galaxy National Book Award (New Writer of the Year Award), and an Economist Book of the Year.

  • Paul Nash -Tate British Artists

    A beautifully designed introduction to the life and work of Paul Nash, one of the leading artists of the 20th century. By exploring the full course of Nash’s eventful career, David Boyd Haycock takes you through how he produced some of the greatest paintings of the First and Second World Wars, and helped to establish the Surrealist movement in Britain.

  • Richard Wilson (Tate Modern Artist Series)


    Born in London in 1953 to a family of builders and artists, Richard Wilson creates works that often come closer to engineering or even architecture than to traditional sculpture. Typically he transforms the viewer’s environment into something unsettling and strange through interventions that not only alter the physical space but also interfere with our perception of it.

  • Julian Opie- Tate Modern Artists

    More than any British artist of his generation, Julian Opie has taken his art beyond the gallery environment and out into the mainstream of cultural life, testing his ideas in a wide variety of media. Author Mary Horlock surveys his career, beginning with the early painted metal sculptures of everyday objects, encompassing the 3-D evocations of the urban landscape, and finishing with the powerful graphic style evolved in recent years that has transferred to billboard posters, road signs, LED screens and album covers.

  • Ed Ruscha (Tate Modern Artists)


    American artist Ed Ruscha (b. 1937) is a master of creating art that is at once playful and profound. Ruscha’s inimitable work frequently involves the setting of a single word or phrase against a stained background or monumental landscape. His paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, books, and films were influential in the development of Pop Art, and his stunning artist’s books continue to inspire up-and-coming artists today.

  • Antony Gormley (Tate Modern Artists)


    One of the most celebrated and talked about artists of his generation, Turner Prize-winner Antony Gormley (b. 1950) generates lively debate and critical acclaim. His large-scale, iconic projects such as Angel of the North at Gateshead, the 100 cast-iron sculptures he placed on a British beach for Another Place, and the hundreds of small terracotta figurines he asked the public to create for Field have cemented his place among today’s leading contemporary artists.

  • Turner and the Masters

    • Item Weight: 3.66 pounds
    • Hardcover : 240 pages
  • Rembrandt: A Collection of Etchings

    A vintage collection of reproduction etchings by Rembrandt.

  • Rembrandt


    Christopher White, author of a number of highly regarded books on Rembrandt, firmly bases his study on the most thorough and up-to-date scholarly research, and builds up a sensitive, accurate and fully-rounded portrait of his life and work.  

  • The Package Design Book 3


    Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 30 countries, this book brings together all the Pentawards winners from 2013 and 2014, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging. Readers will discover, through introductory essays, product descriptions and plenty of images, what drives design industry leaders and agencies behind these creations which are so much part of our everyday lives. This well of inspiration is not just aimed at design and marketing professionals but anyone with an interest in the creative process of packaging.

  • Type Deck: 54 Iconic Typefaces


    A sampler of typographic personality and a primer on expressive visual communication, Type Deck is the perfect gift for type geeks everywhere. Each card features a hand-drawn character on one face, and fascinating insights into its historical context, design and purpose on the other. The 54 cards are divided into six categories: Victorian; Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau; Black Letter; Modern; Eclectic; and Post Modern. Six tabs enable you to arrange and index type families.

  • When Marina Abramovic Dies: A Biography


    When Marina Abramovic Dies examines the extraordinary life and death-defying work of one of the most pioneering artists of her generation?and one who is still at the forefront of contemporary art today. This intimate, critical biography chronicles Abramovic’s formative and until now undocumented years in Yugoslavia, and tells the story of her partnership with the German artist Ulay?one of the twentieth century’s great examples of the fusion of artistic and private life.

  • Bag Factory Artists’ Studios David Koloane Award Writers’ Mentorship 2017


    The publication includes articles written by the three young writers, Siya Masuku, Lukho Witbooi and Nolan Stevens, alongside texts by Sassen and Jamal, spanning the history of the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios to the contemporary themes emerging out of interviewed artists’ work. Stevens gives an overview of the institution through comparing the work of younger and older artists working in the studios. Masuku looks at the work of female artists in the space, past and present, and Witbooi does an in-depth analysis of Onyis Martins work, which evokes themes of memory and loss.