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  • Interiors Now!


    With an inspirational richness and diversity of styles, these homes, residences, hideaways, and studios will astound and astonish, no matter the taste; be it rustic country cottage, New York–style loft, or bohemian bungalow. This survey of contemporary interior design carefully curates homes from all over the world?from Auckland, New Zealand, to Avignon, France.

  • Styles: Compendium of Interior


    Aside from clothes, the most immediate extension of the human body is the decor in which it evolves. From interior architecture to interior life, the distance is often slight. It is to this coming together of the mental and the ornamental,

  • Dirty Furniture 1/6-Couch


    Dirty Furniture’ is a new independent biannual design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. Conceived as a finite printed series of six and showcasing designs best writers and emerging talents,

  • Dirty Furniture : 2/6-Table


    In our second issue of Dirty Furniture we wonder why sex on tables in the movies always spells disaster, study the table’s role in power-relations and ask what the Ikea Lack thinks it is doing in contemporary art.

  • Colour: A Workshop for Artists and Designers


    Taking a practical approach to colour, Colour: A Workshop for Artists and Designers is an invaluable resource for art students and professionals alike.

  • Conversions

    As populations grow, where and how we live is a major concern. Architects spend their time addressing the issue of housing, and converting spaces is often a more satisfactory solution than building from scratch. This book shows that with a bit of imagination all sorts of buildings can be converted into homes. Four chapters examine…

  • Revel Fox: Reflections on the Making of Space


    This text is a catalogue of the works exhibited at the time of the Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture given by Revel Fox in Bloemfontein in August 1997, and subsequently at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town in May 1998.