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  • Failing Maths and My Other Crimes


    In a whirlwind of local history, contemporary culture, domestic angst, and nostalgia, Thabo Jijana’s debut collection of award-winning poems exhibits an emotional wisdom beyond the writer’s years.

  • Playland…and other words


    Playland, is set in a travelling amusement park encamped on the outskirts of a town in Fugard’s beloved Karoo. On New Year’s Eve 1989, two men – a young white returnee from the Border and a black night-watchman – meet accidentally and work through their differences through a shared nightmare towards reconciliation and the hope of peace.

  • Prunings (Paperback)


    In this beguiling bouquet of travel poetry, diary fragments, letters, works-in-progress and retrospection, Helen Moffett offers us a rare look into the workings, misfirings and triumphs of a literary mind.

  • Questions for the sea (Paperback)


    Lyrical, lilting and lachrymose, Stephen Symons’ debut collection of poems fearlessly voyages through the vast and unknowable depths of ocean and adulthood. In sparse, yet gorgeously flowing verse, Symons gives in to the currents of love, war, nostalgia and fatherhood, bringing a new sensitivity to South African poetry; creating a collection infused with an all encompassing awe for the majesty and mystery of the natural world, and humanity’s every changing place in it.

  • Stanza – Number 12


    An open space where poetry matters. Stanzas is a quarterly for new poetry to suit all moods. It provides a platform for established and emerging poets to share their most recent work and affirm poetry’s important place in our lives. “The sound must seem an echo of the sense.”

  • Stanza – Number 7


    “…think of the caterpillar as the poet, and think of the chrysalis as the book, and think of the butterfly as what happens when the reader can act with the poem.” – Margaret Atwood


  • This Is Shakespeare : How to Read the World’s Greatest Playwright


    This electrifying new book thrives on revealing, not resolving, the ambiguities of Shakespeare’s plays and their changing topicality. It introduces an intellectually, theatrically and ethically exciting writer who engages with intersectionality as much as with Ovid, with economics as much as poetry: who writes in strikingly modern ways about individual agency, privacy, politics, celebrity and sex.

  • Voices from another room


    The carefully modulated surface of Stuart Payne’s poems belies the intriguing, startling and thought-provoking depths of thought and perception. Such deliberate tensioning between the obvious and the hidden allows him to craft finely judged poems that reward rereading. Whether evoking the touch of the sun or the sound of an old tape recording, his universe is both vivid and uncertain as past, present and future are considered and reconsidered, and the distance between minds is sensed and explored.

  • 100 Papers : A Collection of Prose Poems and Flash Fiction


    These short shorts (most only one to two pages or less) are slices of South African life with the warts left on. Many involve broken families; some describe mental illness; several include explicit sexuality, mostly between women.

  • A womb of time


    The anthology by Zama Madinana, a Johannesburg-based performer, poet and writer, mirrors the incongruous aesthetics of the black man.

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    Africa Ablaze !Poems and Prose Pieces of War and Civil Conflict


    The poems and prose pieces in this compelling collection illustrate the enduring narrative of war and civil conflict in Africa.Africa Ablaze 'is an incredibly important poetry anthology .It is a powerful work of art and history, and is very moving.

  • Africa! My Africa! An anthology of poems


    Patricia Schonstein’s personal selection brings together a wide, rich range of poems all held together by a simple yet deep honesty.

  • Al Die Lieflike Dade – Charl-Pierre Naudé


    Charl-Pierre Naudé demonstrates that poetry problematises generally accepted truths, estranging it so that it may be experienced anew. In Naudé’s poetry the strangeness is important. Strange spaces are set foot upon to rediscover the known, by looking in from the outside as it were.

  • Beyond – touch


    Arja Salafranca’s new poetry collection offers portraits of people on trains in England, as well as recounting the experience of being a stranger in Spain, where she was born.

  • BILAKHULU! Longer poems


    Vonani Bila’s voice in Bilakhulu! is as buoyant and direct as ever; his emotional range is broad, incorporating humour and lament. These seven narrative poems, ranging from 3 to 35 pages in length, are grounded in the poet’s family and village, at the same time making visible the wider forces that impinge on rural life.

  • Blake’s Songs of Innocence & of Experience


    William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience is a collection of poems which embodies not only the talents of a writer, but also those of an artist working in illuminated printing, applying words and pictures to copper plates with the surrounding surfaces etched away. There are twenty one copies of Songs of Innocence and twenty seven of the work as a whole, but no separate copies of Songs of Experience.