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  • Age of Iron


    Age of Iron is a novel by South African and Nobel Prize winning author J.M. Coetzee, published in 1990. Set in Apartheid era Cape Town, the novel is told in an epistolary style through the letters of Mrs Curren, a white elderly Classics professor who is slowly dying of cancer, to her daughter, who has left South Africa for America.

  • Field guide to Succulents in South Africa


    This user-friendly, richly illustrated field guide features more than 700 southern African succulents, focusing on the most interesting and commonly encountered species. An introduction to families and their key features will help readers identify the relevant plant group, while concise accounts describing the plants’ diagnostic features, along with distribution maps, will enable quick ID of species.

  • Letters to Camondo


    ‘Letters to Camondo immerses you in another age… de Waal creates a dazzling picture of what it means to live graciously.  Subtle and thoughtful and nuanced and quiet. It is demanding but rewarding.

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    Melusi’s Everday Zulu


    Nonke. Duduza. Bopha. Imbiza. Phapha. Asixoliseni. Amapopeye . . . What is the power of a single word?

    Six days a week, advertising creative Melusi Tshabalala posts a Zulu word on his Everyday Zulu Facebook page and tells a story about it. His off-beat sense of humour, razor-sharp social observations and frank political commentary not only teaches his followers isiZulu but also offer insight into the world Melusi inhabits as a 21st century Zulu man.

  • Modisana (writtten in Sestswana)


    This beautiful picture book is about a boy who dares to dream of a big future. It is a story of empowerment, self-belief and leadership, and is inspired by the life of former president Nelson Mandela.

  • Mošemane wa Modiša (Written in Sepidi)


    This beautiful picture book is about a boy who dares to dream of a big future. It is a story of empowerment, self-belief and leadership, and is inspired by the life of former president Nelson Mandela.

  • Mountains And Hills to Overcome


    Paballo Makhetha’s book titled “Mountains and Hills to overcome” attempts to address social ills that have infiltrated communities; which, when not properly dealt with often affect and lead capable young people to sanitariums, jails, and even suicidal ends. She believes that the future is in the hands of the youth, who constitute over 40% of the total African population. The future can therefore not be left in the hands of wounded souls, who continue to experience or witness many kinds of abuse and trauma in their immediate environments. There exists a need to create platforms to talk about these challenges in the homes, classrooms and work places; to embrace them as part of our history, learn from them, and recreate a better future. She wishes that the book can be prescribed at middle to high schools to allow the youth to confront prevalent social challenges head-on, and make better decisions about their own future, and the future of their respective countries as prospective builders.

  • Nyambura Ulinde Ibhasi (Written in IsiXhosa)


    Nyambura is going to visit her Gogo! She arrives at the bustling market place to find that she is last in the queue and that the bus has not yet arrived. While she waits for the bus, Nyambura remembers the fun things that she and her Gogo have done together. Meanwhile, the queue of people is getting shorter and shorter because of disaster that strikes each of the waiting passengers. Will Nyambura’s generous spirit help them to get on the bus in time?

  • Quick Id guide: Wildflowers of the Cape Peninsula


    Written with the non-specialist in mind, this guide is a must-have for flower lovers, hikers, tour guides and tourists – anyone interested in identifying the wild flowers that grace the Cape Peninsula.

  • Seven Billion People and Me: Adventures of the Wild Colonial Boy | Rex Wickins

  • The Cape Raider


    A sweeping historical adventure, The Cape Raider  is the tale of a broken hero who has to find himself despite the trauma of war, a domineering father and the death of his mother during the Blitz. He must adapt to a new country, a new navy and new love, and finally he must come face to face with the Nazi raider in a fight to the death in the icy seas off the southernmost tip of Africa.

  • The Eight Zulu Kings: From Shaka to Goodwill Zwelithini


    In Eight Zulu Kings, well-respected and widely published historian John Laband examines the reigns of the eight Zulu kings from 1816 to the present.

  • The Lost Boys of Bird Island: A Shocking Exposé from Within the Heart of the NP Government


    It is the late 1980s. Allegations surface against three prominent National Party cabinet ministers: they are, it is said, abusing young boys on an island off the coast of Port Elizabeth. Mark Minnie, a cop, and Chris Steyn, a journalist, uncover evidence of this dark secret, but the case gets buried. Thirty years later, the two finally expose this shocking story of cover-ups and official complicity in the rape and possible murder of children.

  • Uncaptured – The True Account Of The Nenegate/Trillian Whistleblower (Paperback)


    In March 2016, Mosilo Mothepu was appointed CEO of Trillian Financial Advisory, a subsidiary of Gupta-linked Trillian Capital Partners. The prospect of being at the helm of a black-owned financial consultancy was electrifying for a black woman whose twin passions were transformation and empowering women. Three months later, suffering from depression and insomnia, she resigned with no other job lined up.

  • Voices from another room


    The carefully modulated surface of Stuart Payne’s poems belies the intriguing, startling and thought-provoking depths of thought and perception. Such deliberate tensioning between the obvious and the hidden allows him to craft finely judged poems that reward rereading. Whether evoking the touch of the sun or the sound of an old tape recording, his universe is both vivid and uncertain as past, present and future are considered and reconsidered, and the distance between minds is sensed and explored.

  • Wayne Barker – Artist’s monographs


    Wayne Barker’s artistic career spans almost two decades, marked by a bitter-sweet mix of politics, poetry, and a passion for subversion. Tracking that career from apartheid South Africa’s most violent years to a new democratic dispensation, the artist’s monograph explores the contradictory impulses of “African identity”.