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  • Lighthouses of France


    Lighthouses are an icon of a simpler, more romantic era, which partly explains why they are so well loved today. Unlike many other countries, France has resisted the trend toward total automation, and in many small ports and seaside towns, the lighthouse keeper is still a wellknown and respected figure. World renowned lighthouse photographer Jean…

  • Making Design


    This user-centered approach is reinforced throughout the pages with 54 narratives and an extensive process glossary that discusses individual objects through a design lens. Featuring more than 1,100 collection objects selected by the curatorial staff, Smithsonian Design Library, and renowned designer Irma Boom, Making Design is organized entirely by Boom’s visual sequencing of images; her design and the curators’ essays weave parallel narratives throughout the book. This wildly playful and unexpected jaunt through the collection ends with Boom’s exploration of her process, “Making Making Design,” which embraces the essence design and the new experiences in Cooper Hewitt’s galleries.

  • Mapula: Embroidery and Empowerment in the Winterveld


    In Mapula: Embroidery and Empowerment in the Winterveld, Brenda Schmahmann discusses the complex circumstances that resulted in the founding of Mapula in 1991, when the Winterveld was part of the former ‘homeland’ of Bophuthatswana. The Mapula Embroidery Project in the Winterveld is one of the most important community art projects in South Africa.

  • Morocco: A Sense of Place


    Organized thematically rather than geographically, each chapter reflects one of the travellers abiding impressions: the vibrant colours of the souks and textiles; the hubbub of its city streets; the country’s natural phenomena and more.

  • Motion Blur 2: Multidimensional Moving Imagemakers


    With its pioneering vision, onedotzero champions new forms of moving image, and this book celebrates the next generation of creators who are accelerating the medium into the 21st century, following the success of the first Motion Blur.

  • Motion By Design


    The advent of new software and the blurring of disciplinary boundaries have given rise to an entirely new creative category motion graphics. Motion by Design is the first combined book and interactive DVD package to present the works of some of the world s leading motion graphic studios.

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    Peter Rich: Learn in Translation


    The first retrospective monograph on world-acclaimed South African architect Peter Rich. Peter Rich’s internationally distinctive body of work is a documentation of the spatial and aesthetic elements of African tribal settlements, which develop an architectural vocabulary fusing modernist principals with local tribal convention.

  • Pierre Paulin


    The popularity enjoyed today by the French furniture designer Pierre Paulin traces its roots back to the Pop era, when Paulin incarnated the Pop aesthetic perfectly in his unique and revolutionary chairs.

  • Planet Banksy


    Highlighting both the relevance of Banksy’s work and how his impact has continued to spread,Planet Banksy brings together some of the very best pieces of art from all corners of the world that have been inspired by Banksy, as well as featuring some of his own innovative, profound and controversial work. With a range of topics for the graffiti coming from a variety of inspirational sources, this book provides an overview of how the man’s work is changing the face of modern art – as well as the urban landscape. Distilling his influence and his genius into an easily accessible full-colour 128 pages, this is the perfect purchase for any fan of Banksy or the graffiti art scene.

  • Print & Pattern: Geometric


    The latest book based on the popular Print & Pattern website, Print & Pattern: Geometric celebrates beautiful surface designs, patterns, and motifs made from geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, hexagons, etc.

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    Production for Graphic Designers – 5th Edition

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    Computer technology has completely revolutionized the work of graphic designers, printers, and print production. To keep pace with these far-reaching changes, Production for Graphic Designers is set firmly in the digital age.

  • Rogue Urbanism: Emergent African Cities


    The unique ambition of Rogue Urbanism is to produce new and relevant theoretical work on African urbanism in a way that works within the border zone between inherited theoretical resources and artistic representations of everyday practices and phenomenology in African cities.

  • Ron Arad Talks to Matthew Collings About Designing Chairs, Vases, Buildings and …


    The conversation between Collings and Arad starts with the question: what is design? From this first, basic question they embark on a journey that touches the most important art and design issues, inside and outside Ron Arad’s work.

  • SHoP Architects: Out of Practice


    An insider’s look into one of contemporary architecture’s most cutting-edge firms. SHoP’s striking projects and unique business model are captured in this thoughtful and inventively organized monograph.

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    South African Fashion Design – The Nominees: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Award


    A distinctive feature of this award is that it has been awarded in a different artistic discipline each year. For the first time, the award for 2009 offers an opportunity to take stock of recent trends in South African fashion.