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  • The Perfect Gentleman: The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance and Style in London


    Today, this enclave of excellence has the highest concentration of firms trading in luxury goods for the well-appointed male. Here the modern gentleman who values quality and craftsmanship can still walk in the footsteps of such as Beau Brummell, Edward VII, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Prince Charles and, latterly, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

  • Type Deck: 54 Iconic Typefaces


    A sampler of typographic personality and a primer on expressive visual communication, Type Deck is the perfect gift for type geeks everywhere. Each card features a hand-drawn character on one face, and fascinating insights into its historical context, design and purpose on the other. The 54 cards are divided into six categories: Victorian; Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau; Black Letter; Modern; Eclectic; and Post Modern. Six tabs enable you to arrange and index type families.

  • Unbrandable: How to Succeed in the New Brand Space


    The “Unbrandables” are a new kind of consumer: savvy, sensitive to inauthenticity; hostile to relentless, debt-driving materialism; and suspicious of marketing for products they do not want or that are bad for the environment.

  • Veuve Clicquot: Yellow


    The yellow labels of the House Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin have traveled the world; today they evoke excellence in champagne.

  • Visual Impact


    Richly illustrated with over 400 images, this is a visual guide to the most influential and highly politicised imagery of the digital age.
    Explores themes and issues such as popular uprisings (the Arab Spring, the London Riots) social activism (marriage equality), and environmental crises (Hurricane Katrina), as well as the recent Je Suis Charlie protests Global in outlook, it features exciting work from emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, China and the Middle East, as well as the US and Europe.

  • Visualizing Ideas: From Scribbles to Storyboards


    Visualizing and presenting your ideas convincingly is an indispensable part of day-to-day design, even in our age of digital design processes. No presentation is complete without layouts, storyboards or spontaneous sketches, often crucial to the outcome. No computer software, however good it is, can replace the non-computerized marker!

  • Visuele Kunste Graad 11 Onderwysersgids

    This comprehensive Teacher’s Guide has been approved by the DBE.

  • White Casket


    In The White Casket, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi has created a bizarre fantasy world inhabited by department store “elevator girls”. In upscale Japanese department stores, the elevator girl performs the role of a hostess, directing customers to their destinations while lending an aura of elegance to the shopping experience.

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    Why Buildings Stand Up


    Between a nomad’s tent and the Sears Tower lies a revolution in technology, materials, and structures. Here is a clear and enthusiastic introduction to buildings methods from ancient times to the present day, including recent advances in science and technology that have had important effects on the planning and construction of buildings.

  • Why Fashion Matters


    Fashion matters for the economy, to society, and to each of us personally. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are—or who we want to be. It is the most immediate form of self-expression.

  • World of Art: The Language of Ornament

    James Trilling presents an immense variety of ornament from the Paleolithic Age to the present day, enabling the reader to appreciate inherent form and beauty, as well as historical importance across cultures – whether in the monumental architecture of Mycenean Greece or the inlaid vessels of Zhou Dynasty China, in the bronze mirrors of early Celtic Britain or the carved or worn ornament of Native Americans.

  • XS Green: Big Ideas, Small Buildings


    Follow-up to the bestselling title XS: Big Ideas, Small Buildings, XS Green devotes itself to a wide range of small-scale, idiosyncratic projects created by the biggest names in global architecture.