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  • Willam Kentridge: Anything is Possible


    William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible gives viewers an intimate look into the mind and creative process of William Kentdridge, the South African artist whose acclaimed charcoal drawings, animations, video installations, shadow plays, mechanical puppets, tapestries, sculptures, live performance pieces, and operas have made him one of the most dynamic and exciting contemporary artists working today.

  • William Kentridge – TRACE


    This visually compelling publication highlights The Museum of Modern Art’s unparalleled collection of prints and books by William Kentridge – nearly fifty works spanning the past three decades. The book also features a succession of artistic interventions made by Kentridge especially for the occasion. Kentridge’s practice brings together drawing, film animation, books, sculpture and performance.

  • William Kentridge: Five Themes


    With a searing body of work ranging from films and drawings to prints, sculptures, and theatrical productions, William Kentridge has offered a fresh and distinctive perspective on the contemporary social landscape, with a particular emphasis on his native South Africa.

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    William Kentridge: I Am Not Me, the Horse Is Not Mine


    The publication I Am Not Me, The Horse Is Not Mine (a Russian peasant expression used to deny guilt) is published by the Goodman Gallery, and contains a series of essays lecture notes, lecture extracts and commentary by William Kentridge on the eight films and performance event that was first presented to international acclaim at the Sydney Biennale, 2008.

  • Art & Australia – Deluxe Edition

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  • Art & Australia


    FEATURES – Revolutions – Forms that turn: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev in conversation with Russell Storer – Spherical and Without Exits: thoughts on William Kentridge’s anamorphic film What Will Come (Has Already Come) by Jane Taylor – Artist pages by William Kentridge – Conceptual Artist Meets Girl: Stuart Ringholt and the art of self-improvement by Sarah Tutton…

  • Telegrams From the Nose


      To complement their current exhibition of William Kentridge’s works entitled, Telegrams From The Nose, the Annandale Galleries of Sydney have produced, under Anne Gregory’s guidance, a marvellous book-cum-catalogue, of the same title, which serves as both a handbook to those attending the exhibition, and a valuable read in its own right. The book showcases…

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    Drawing the Passing

    Exploring the space between the personal and the political, the work of William Kentridge has since the 1970s investigated the diseased, amnesiac consciousness of late and post-apartheid South Africa. Kentridge has received international acclaim for his animated films, drawings and theatre work. In his ‘stone-age filmmaking’ technique, Kentridge films his charcoal drawings as the mutate…

  • William Kentridge – Everyone Their Own Projector


    Kentridge made roughly one hundred drawings for the book, using collage on text pages torn from books he has cannibalized for years, such as Mrs Beaton’s Book of Household Remedies, and the French Larousse Encyclopaedia, favouring ink and brush drawing with crayon on the text pages.

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    William Kentridge: Tapestries


    South African artist William Kentridge (b. 1955) has produced an outstanding body of work in multiple mediums: drawings, animations, sculptures, theater and stage design – all of which trace the fraught political and cultural history of South Africa. This book is the first to explore Kentridge’s extraordinary new series of seventeen large-scale tapestries, created under his artistic direction by a team of South African weavers between 2001 and 2007.

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    William Kentridge: Black Box/Chambre Noire


    Black Box evokes all that, and the joyful mechanics of pre-cinematic visual spectacles, magic lanterns, the camera obscura and the zoetrope. A unique and richly layered meditation on the act of seeing, on vision and experience, and on the nature of knowledge itself.

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    William Kentridge: Phaidon Contemporary Artist Series

    This is the first book to document the work of this extraordinary artist, who exploded on the international art scene in 1997 after working for some 20 years little known outside of his native South Africa. The images in Kentridge’s films depict political realities, expressed in terms of individual human suffering.

  • William Kentridge: Weighing and Wanting


    William Kentridge’s WEIGHING and WANTING focuses in detail on the artist’s 1998 film of the same name and the drawings he used to make the film. Over 80 film stills punctuate the catalogue, enabling the reader to follow the film sequence. An insightful essay on the drawings and film, and biographic information about the artist…