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  • Mapping Memory: Former Prisoners Tell their Stories


    Mapping Memory: Former Prisoners Tell their Stories is a project of Constitution Hill – the heritage precinct built around the Number Four prison complex that is now the home of the Constitutional Court. The project brought back former prisoners who were held in the Women’s Jail and Number Four and created the opportunity for them to give material form to their memories made fragile by the passage of time.

  • Architecture and Vegetation. Hybrid Home Spaces


    Architecture and Vegetation. Hybrid Home Spaces grew out of a thrilling workshop, by the same name, which took place on Reunion Island in May 2004. The aim of the workshop was to create a net of connections between students in architecture from tropical countries and from Europe and to bring them to work together on tropical climate issues.s.

  • British Visitors for TAEP and no tea… but plenty music

    Our British visitors Emily Corporate Finance, Flavio Market Researcher and Natalie Experiential Marketer.

    These three highly motivated individuals dropped by David Krut Arts Resource for a chance to learn more about the Taxi Art Education Outreach Programme(TAEP) that is supported By DK Arts. The trio looked fresh and in good humor even after their long journey from Europe. The TAEP team gave an impromtu performance to the delight of the visitors.

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    Draft for the expansion of TAEP

    DKARTS Resource consists of David Krut Publishing, David Krut Print Workshop, DKARTS Gallery and Bookstore, and the Taxi Art Educational Programme. Its vision can be detailed as follows: 1. Collaboration This is the primary focus of David Krut Arts Resource. Our professional printing workshop, David Krut Print Workshop, situated on Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood,…

  • Messages and Meaning: The MTN Art Collection


    In September 1997 MTN, one of the leading cell phone companies in South Africa, made a modest purchase of artworks by South African artists. This marked the beginning of what was to become a major corporate collection of South African art, comprising some 1400 African and South African works. It has been energetically researched, traveled, exhibited, discussed, debated and admired. With this new book, the MTN Art Collection has come of age.

    Messages and Meaning aims to be an informative, diverse, and sumptuous read for years to come. The book was launched simultaneously to the first national touring exhibition of the MTN Art Collection in 2012.

  • Wired: Contemporary Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets


    Wired presents a distinctive art form created within the rich cultural context of contemporary Zulu/South African culture. The book showcases hundreds of extraordinary, colourful telephone wire baskets – a craft based on Zulu traditions, using recycled materials.

  • Through the Looking Glass


    This book accompanied an exhibition that opened at the National Arts Festival in 2004. It considers work by a range of women artists who have represented themselves and their bodies in their work. The book is accompanied by an education supplement written by Philippa Hobbs. The educational supplement has been designed as a guide for…

  • TAXI-012: Sandile Zulu


    TAXI-012 SANDILE ZULU, the 12th title in the TAXI Art series, is the first book on the work of Sandile Zulu. Over the last decade, Zulu has developed a working method that relies as much on rhythm and repetition as it does on the unpredictability of the elements – fire, water, found objects – he uses. He is, as Colin Richards notes in his meticulously researched essay, a pyromancer, a collector of natural elements, and a scavenger after industrial debris.

  • TAXI-011: Willem Boshoff

  • TAXI-010: Deborah Bell


    Deborah Bell is a leading Johannesburg painter and sculptor whose work is created in dialogue with multiple worlds, texts, histories and consciousnesses. She is also widely known for her collaborative projects with William Kentridge and Robert Hodgins. Bell’s drawings, etchings and monumental clay sculptures possess a kind of ‘mystical godliness’

  • TAXI-009: Pat Mautloa


    THIS BOOK IS ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THE FULL SET OF TAXI ART BOOKS. Kagiso Pat Mautloa is an essentially urban artist. Based in Johannesburg, he draws his inspiration from the street culture, the dynamics of the changing city and the images and people he encounters there. A graduate of the Rorke’s Drift Art…

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    TAXI-008: Steven Cohen

    Steven Cohen is a pioneering artist whose work provocatively confronts issues of identity. Best known for his live performances, Cohen appears not only on stage and in galleries but also, uninvited, in public spaces.

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    TAXI-007: Noria Mabasa

    Noria Mabasa is an artist based in Limpopo province, north of Johannesburg. She is a sculptor of large woodcarvings and figurative ceramic work who first came to prominence in the urban art scene in the mid 1980s.

  • TAXI-006: David Koloane


    Artist, writer, arts administrator and curator David Koloane has established a reputation both locally and internationally. His paintings and graphics have been featured in major collections and exhibitions worldwide.

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    TAXI-005: Lien Botha


    Lien Botha is a Cape Town-based fine art photographer and installation artist, whose work has been widely exhibited and is to be found in major collections around South Africa.


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    TAXI-004: Santu Mofokeng

    Santu Mofokeng was born in 1956 in Johannesburg. He began his photographic career informally as a street photographer in Soweto, and in the early 1980s set out to pursue photography in earnest, mostly through documentary coverage of political activity at the time.