Pablo Neruda in Afrikaans: Vandag is boordenvol

Book Launch: Pablo Neruda in Afrikaans at The Blue House, 25 July 2019 – Vandag is boordenvol

Poetry and art have long inspired each other. There are as many painters and graphic artists who have been inspired by poetry as there are poets who have been inspired by paintings and other forms of art.

A special section at David Krut Bookstores is dedicated to local poets and their poetry and we are proud not only to carry collections and anthologies in various languages, but to be supportive of poets by launching anthologies and hosting readings.

Join us next week Thursday 25 July at 6pm for a very special event: the launch of an Afrikaans translation of Pablo Neruda’s poetry, one of the very few that exist. This collection in particular is extra special because it is the biggest collection of Pablo Neruda’s poetry translated into Afrikaans.

De Waal Venter is a writer and translator working in Afrikaans and English.
He has written and published radio drama, stage plays, TV series, poetry, movies as well as storybooks for children and novels for young adults. 

This event will include readings by Jose Domingos and Grethe Fox.