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  • Princess Pincushion


    This delightful children’s book is a heartwarming story about a mighty, magnificent pig that leaves an empowering message to all humans, big and small.

  • Moods of Nature

    Moods of Nature is the black, white and orange sequel to the acclaimed art books Reflection, Shades of Nature and Art of Nature. It is daring and original. The photography is unique and powerful. The text, in caption format, is a mixture of poetry and philosophy; it complements the images in an extraordinary manner. There is a depth in the visual images that the viewer will only fully appreciate by reading the accompanying words.

  • Shades of Nature

    Following the ascendance of Art of Nature, Heinrich van den Berg challenges convention to resounding success in the black-and-white sequel Shades of Nature. His fearless approach inspires the reader to see the hidden depths of his images, to subjectively appreciate both the aesthetic and the emotional.

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    Internationally-awarded photographer and writer Heinrich van den Berg follows his popular Shades of Nature and Art of Nature with the inspired Reflection. A work of extraordinary depth as well as artistic beauty, Reflection represents a lifetime’s photography portfolio, a showcase of poetic wildlife photographs and moving insights into their subjects – and into Life.

  • Sharp-Sharp! Thoko (Xhosa)


    With adorable illustrations and four heart-warming easy-to-read stories, Niki Daly has created a second book about Thoko – who is sure to become one of his most beloved characters.

  • Sharp-Sharp! Thoko (English)


    With adorable illustrations and four heart-warming easy-to-read stories, Niki Daly has created a second book about Thoko – who is sure to become one of his most beloved characters.

  • Tullula


    Tullula is a majestic bird born into royalty – the ndunas of the herd. Being a nduna means having to guard the skies at night (although it’s not entirely clear what the ndunas are guarding against). Tullula longs for something different, so she sneaks off during the day (while the rest of the ndunas are sleeping) to explore what life is like living in sunlight.

  • My Great Expedition


    In 1973 at the age of 6, Justin Fox went on a Great Expedition / Tour of Europe with his parents – from Cape Town to London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Rome, Athens and the Greek Islands. This is his story of the magic of travel, the experience of other places and peoples.

  • Jill and Lion


    In this exciting follow-up to Jill and Dragon, feisty Jill and her loyal companion Dog are back and ready for another adventure.

  • Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow


    After a long week of investigating crimes, the world’s greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick, and his loyal assistant, Nelson, are visiting the art museum. They’ve barely arrived when Brunswick’s whiskers tingle with curiosity. The art museum’s prized portrait of the Admiral somehow looks different!

    Clever conclusions and sophisticated solutions ensue as Brunswick and Nelson track down the missing item, discovering in the process a caterpillar with a fondness for art.

  • Grandma’s house


    Children will love exploring the rooms in Grandma’s House, peering through its cutout pages from one room to the next and journeying high up into the foldout attic in search of Grandma. Highly detailed and intricately illustrated in Alice Melvin’s trademark style, Grandma’s House is another winner from one of today’s shining stars of illustration.

  • The Museum of Me


    The Museum of Me follows a little girl on a journey of discovery to find out what museums are and what they hold in store for us all. Brimming with anticipation, our young protagonist encounters giant bugs and peculiar beasts; ancient pots and contemporary paintings; feathery leaves and flowers as big as her own head.

  • What is a Child


    From the bestselling author of A Lion in Paris comes this beautifully illustrated celebration of what makes each child unique. Through bold and sensitively observed portraits and a thought-provoking text, Beatrice Alemagna inspires children, and adults reading with them, to consider their own identity. Destined to become a classic, What Is a Child? is a must-have for every school, library, and bedside table.

  • Melvin The Luckiest Monkey In world


    Is Melvin the Unluckiest Monkey In The World?He certainly seems think so,but his friend Pete has other ideas.Join them on their journey around town,and find out whether Melvin really is so unlucky after all.

  • The Great House Hunt


    Mr. and Mrs. Polka-Dot are a young couple ready to settle down. With real estate agent Mr. Weevil, they search for their dream home. In this deliriously funny house-hunting marathon, the Polka-Dots view bizarre options: a moldy mushroom, a snail shell, a cork floating on the river, a crumbling sand castle, a rotten apple, an inhabited burrow, and a “loft-style” broken bottle. Will they ever find a nest? Davide Cali’s humorous story is made all the more hilarious by Marc Boutavant’s quirky characters and detail-filled illustrations that children will pore over again and again

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    The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared


    You’re never too old for an adventure…