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  • 10 – Marion Bataille


    A sensationally attractive package (chunky and substantial, with a bright red slipcase and cover) sets the stage for an inventive exploration of counting?from one to ten and back again, simultaneously. As the reader turns the pages, one becomes two and then three, as ten becomes nine and then eight. The numbers unfold and transform with breathtaking ingenuity. 10 is a beautiful book that belongs in all design and gift departments.

  • Frederick – IsiXhosa


    International best-selling children?s classic reprinted after 49 years. Winter is coming, and all the mice are gathering food … except for Frederick. The mice are not happy with Frederick who seems to daydream and doesn?t help them enough. But as it becomes cold, and food gets scarce, the mice gather together around Frederick, whose stories warm their hearts and spirits.

  • Modisana (writtten in Sestswana)


    This beautiful picture book is about a boy who dares to dream of a big future. It is a story of empowerment, self-belief and leadership, and is inspired by the life of former president Nelson Mandela.

  • Mpumi and Jabu’s Magical Day

    There’s magic in the air around them as Mpumi and Jabu play. They sign and laugh as they become friends – Öh, what fun!” they say.  

  • Origami (Paperback)

  • Rocking Rosetta


    Rosetta loves playing her guitar. When Rosetta’s family told her to quieten down, no one bargained on Granny!

  • The Ball Game (Hardback)


    To play this game, scrunch up a piece of paper into a ball and you’re off. You can score goals, follow the course or hit the targets. You can throw the ball, flick it, use a rubber band to shoot it or even use the detachable piece of board to help perfect your aim.

    This book completely unfolds into a game that includes ready-made holes through which readers flick or throw their paper balls. Designed for playing anywhere, this book can be stood up, laid down, or even hung up! Children can follow the story, or make up their own rules.

    One of the beloved ‘Let’s Play Games’ series books by Herve Tullet, which stimulate thought and imagination in young children.

  • The little factory of illustration


    This unusual activity book invites children to join the Artful Sketcher on an exclusive tour of one of the most creative factories ever built: the Little Factory of Illustration. The factory is full of eccentric artists who just love making pictures, plus some oddball animals and astonishing machines.

  • Ek is Alex


    The latest release from Bumble books, I am Alex and Ek is Alex, deals with the subject of diversity. Winner of this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair Best Children’s Book Publisher in Africa, Bumble is carving a niche with its beautifully illustrated books.

  • How Lion Got His Roar


    King Lion used to have a very soft voice. He didn’t sound like a powerful king of the beasts at all.

  • I Am Earth


    What is the story of the earth?

    The sun, the tree, the bird and me are all connected.

    We look after the earth and it looks after us.

    We are earth.

  • I Am Water


    Why do we need water?

    What do we use it for?

    Water keeps us alive.

    We are water, and water is us.


  • Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (Picture Book Edition)


    Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela is the amazing story of a true hero of our times; his famous biography has been specially adapted for children in a beautiful illustrated picture book format. Discover how a little boy whose father called him “troublemaker” grew up to fight apartheid, become South Africa’s first black president and campaign for freedom and justice throughout the world.

  • Poka & Mia: Football by Kitty Crowther


    This delightful series of picture books expresses the humour, frustrations, and profundities of the parent/child relationship through two endearing insects, Poka and Mia.

  • Princess Pincushion


    This delightful children’s book is a heartwarming story about a mighty, magnificent pig that leaves an empowering message to all humans, big and small.

  • Skin We Are In


    Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history.