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  • The Elders at the Door (isiZulu)


    Ngolunye usuku ekuseni, aBadala abathathu, abakhathele nabalambile-uSibusiso, uNhlakanipho noThando-bangqongqotha emnyango ekhaya lomndeni. Umndeni ufisa ukubammema bangene kodwa kufanele uqoke oyedwa wabo ukuba angene ekhaya lawo. Yimuphi kulaba abathathu okufanele bamqoke? Lenganekwane ixoxwa kuyo yonke iAfrika futhi ingeyabantu bakhona. Nakuba indawo lapho yenzeka khona nabalingiswa ngokukhethekile bengabase-Afrika –ngokwesigqi senkulumo yabo nangemihlobiso yezimpahla zabo-umlayezo wabo ungowomhlaba wonke. Lena yincwadi yezingane nomndeni wonke. Ibhalwe kahle futhi inemifanekiso emihle, izokwenza izingane zifise ukuyifunda njalo njalo

  • The Elders at the Door (isiXhosa)


    Ngenye intseni iinkonde ezintathu ezidiniweyo nezilanbileyo – uNtsikelelo, uBulumko noThando- bankqonkqoza emnyango wolunye usapho. Olu sapho lunqwenela ukubamkela kodwa kufuneka likhethe abemnye kula mandwendwe ukuba angene ekhayeni labo. Ngomphi kwaba bathathu abaza kumkhetha? Eli libali elibaliswayo kwilizwekazi lethu i-Afrika kwaye lelabo bonke abemi beli zwekazi. Nangona isimo sentlalo kunye nabalinganiswa bengabase-Afrika uqobo – ngokwesingqisho sentetho yabo neempahla abazinxibayo – umyalezo wabo ugqithiselwa uluntu jikelele. Le ncwadi yenzelwe bonke abantwana nefemeli iphela. Ngendlela ebhalwe yaze yazotywa kakuhle ngayo, le ncwadi iza kwenza abatwana bafune ukuyifunda okokoko

    Well written and beautifully illustrated, this book will have children wanting to read it over and over again. This story originally appeared in the Sunday Times Storytime: 10 South African Stories for Children in 2014.

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    The Weed


    From the highly acclaimed author/illustrator Quentin Blake, The Weed is an inspiring fable about the power of nature, encouraging children and adults alike to care for the environment and each other. It is a charming, fantastical story about discovery, the potential for growth, the power of an idea and the importance of having faith in the unknown.

    The Meadowsweet family suddenly and expectedly find themselves at the bottom of a giant crack in the earth. With the help of their pet bird, Octavia and a magical seed, the family go on a journey to the surface.

  • Incredible You


    A heart-warming rhyming text with humorous, bold illustrations to inspire confidence.

    Rhys Brisenden currently works for Penguin Random House UK. This is his debut picture book.

    Nathan Reed is a British illustrator, working mostly in children’s picture books and fiction.

  • The extraordinary gardener


    One day Joe decides to plant a seed on his balcony and the chain of events that follow prove just how wonderful nature can be.

    A charming story about the important of nature, teaching us that if we work hard enough our dreams really can come true.

  • Meet the artist: Andy Warhol


    The Meet the Artist series of activity books introduces children to internationally renowned artists in a fun and engaging way. Every book includes a brief introduction to the artist’s life followed by a series of drawing-based activities that explore prominent themes and ideas in their work. Featuring beautiful reproductions of key artworks, and illustrated by a leading contemporary illustrator, every book in the Meet the Artist series encourages children to use art as an avenue for exploring ideas and expressing their own experiences through art-making.

  • The five of us


    Five friends set off in their big yellow bus, with Big Eddie at the wheel. They head out into the countryside to enjoy a peaceful picnic. However, no sooner have they finished their sandwiches than calamity strikes the party – Big Eddie turns a disturbing shade of green and promptly passes out, leaving the children having to save the day.

  • Poka & Mia(Wakey-wakey)


    Have you ever had to drag your parents out of bed? Mia the insect could use your help! It’s a nice day outside and she can’t wait to get going, but Poka is still fast asleep…

  • Poka & Mia(At the bottom of the garden)


    Tis delightful series of picture books expresses the humour, frustrations and profundities of the parenht/child relationship through two endearing insects, Poka and Mia.

  • Poka & Mia(At the cinema)


    Poka and Mia are two insects; Mia is the child and Poka is the parent. Through a combination of simple words and endearing illustrations, Kitty Crowther brings vividly to life all the frustrations that can arise from a simple visit to the cinema.

  • My worst book ever


    My Worst Book Ever is a clever and amusing introduction to the process of writing books for children, and they—along with their parents—will be delighted to see how hilariously wrong Allan and Bruce’s book turns out.

  • Ek is Alex


    The latest release from Bumble books, I am Alex and Ek is Alex, deals with the subject of diversity. Winner of this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair Best Children’s Book Publisher in Africa, Bumble is carving a niche with its beautifully illustrated books.

  • Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (Picture Book Edition)


    Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela is the amazing story of a true hero of our times; his famous biography has been specially adapted for children in a beautiful illustrated picture book format. Discover how a little boy whose father called him “troublemaker” grew up to fight apartheid, become South Africa’s first black president and campaign for freedom and justice throughout the world.

  • How Lion Got His Roar


    King Lion used to have a very soft voice. He didn’t sound like a powerful king of the beasts at all.

  • I Am Earth


    What is the story of the earth?

    The sun, the tree, the bird and me are all connected.

    We look after the earth and it looks after us.

    We are earth.

  • I Am Water


    Why do we need water?

    What do we use it for?

    Water keeps us alive.

    We are water, and water is us.