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  • Artist Quarter: Modigliani, Montmartre & Montparnasse


    A vivid account of Bohemian Paris at the birth of Cubism and other movements, with Modigliani as hero among other artists and writers now legends.

  • Rivera


    Fusing European influences such as Cubism with a socialist ideology and an exaltation of Mexico’s indigenous and popular heritage, he created a new iconography for art history and for his country. He became one of the most important figures in the Mexican mural movement and won international acclaim for his public wall paintings, in which he presented a utopian yet accessible vision of a post-revolutionary Mexico.

  • The Duchamp Book


    Extensively illustrated and featuring Duchamp’s own writings, The Duchamp Book provides a much needed, accessible introduction to the artist.

  • Movements in Modern Art: Cubism


    Cubism, perhaps the seminal movement for the arts of the twentieth century, was also one of the most complex. Divided between the annual public exhibition and the emerging network of private galleries, between French and immigrant artists, it was

  • Picasso


    ‘Lively, intelligent, free of cant and well written: a good introduction to a difficult subject’ The Burlington Magazine

  • Styles, Schools and Movements


    A new and expanded edition of the internationally bestselling guide to modern and contemporary art. Modern art has come to be defined by its styles, schools and movements. The more than three hundred collected here provide an indispensable introduction to the major developments in Western painting, sculpture, architecture and design during one of the most…