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  • Umama kaJafta – isiXhosa


    Meet Jafta, a little boy living in an African village sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood. Jafta was born after prize-winning author, Hugh Lewin, was released from prison after a seven-year sentence for his opposition to apartheid. With exquisite poignancy, he describes the life of separation Jafta experiences growing up without his father….

  • UMama KaJafta – IsiZulu


    Jafta describes his mother by comparing her to the earth and nature. He starts his descriptions with sunrise and goes through his daily tasks until bedtime

  • Who is King in the Land of Kachoo


    In the heart of Africa lies the Land of Kachoo, with vast open plains and deep rivers, too. Animals roam freely in their wild domain through forests and grasslands and rocky terrain. Big cats and rhino and Thomson’s gazelle, elephant and zebra – they live here as well.  The sights and the sounds in the…