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  • New Icons of Fashion Illustration


    Fashion illustration is and always has been about far more than pretty drawings of pretty dresses. This lavish celebration of today’s leading artists in the field showcases the timeless craft and amazing diversity that characterize the genre.

  • Pierre Paulin


    The popularity enjoyed today by the French furniture designer Pierre Paulin traces its roots back to the Pop era, when Paulin incarnated the Pop aesthetic perfectly in his unique and revolutionary chairs.

  • Sharp Sharp


    Sharp Sharp is a full colour exploration of the South African street. Photographer Ed Suter has an eye for the off beat, the contemporary and the traditional and its all there on the streets of downtown South Africa.  Sharp Sharp celebrates what makes the South African street distinctive; it captures the energy, the fashion and…

  • So Far, So Goude


    Representing Jean-Paul Goude’s life and work from the late 1960s up to the present, the book spans Goude’s years at Esquire; his revolutionary work with Grace Jones, his videos for MTV and for Azzedine Alaia; his advertising work for Chanel, and more.

  • South African Fashion Design – The Nominees: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Award


    A distinctive feature of this award is that it has been awarded in a different artistic discipline each year. For the first time, the award for 2009 offers an opportunity to take stock of recent trends in South African fashion.

  • The Allure of Men


    “The Allure of Men is not a book about fame or custom-fit clothing, it’s a salute to all those things men (rich, famous, white, black; whatever) do to leave their mark.”

  • The Allure of Women


    “An unabashed celebration of those blessed by the gene pool. Sometimes gorgeous is simply gorgeous.”  – Harper’s Bazaar

  • The Beautiful Struggle


    “Style is a big thing in the township. If you look good you feel good. You forget about poverty and find pleasure in the things that you own. It has always been there. I think warriors themselves had a competition about whose spear shined the most,” says Monwabizi Mfobo, resident in the township of Langa.

  • The Fashion Questionnaire


    In the tradition of Assouline’s bestselling Proust Questionnaire comes The Fashion Questionnaire. Proust’s legendary personality revealer has been recast with a fashion angle and posed to the fashion industry’s most important and influential designers.

  • The Leather Book


    Leather has been covering human bodies since hefty pelts first protected prehistoric cave-dwellers. Since then, we have chiseled leather into an infinite number of different forms, and today, top designers create stunning leather pieces crafted as finely as precious jewels. A living material that is sculpted by the body’s

  • The New English Dandy


    Just in time for the return of the suit comes this bible of men’s dressy style, its accoutrement and lifestyle accompaniments: a fashion handbook and treasure trove of ideas tailored to the contemporary male or metrosexual.

  • The Perfect Gentleman: The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance and Style in London


    Today, this enclave of excellence has the highest concentration of firms trading in luxury goods for the well-appointed male. Here the modern gentleman who values quality and craftsmanship can still walk in the footsteps of such as Beau Brummell, Edward VII, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Prince Charles and, latterly, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

  • White Casket


    In The White Casket, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi has created a bizarre fantasy world inhabited by department store “elevator girls”. In upscale Japanese department stores, the elevator girl performs the role of a hostess, directing customers to their destinations while lending an aura of elegance to the shopping experience.

  • Why Fashion Matters


    Fashion matters for the economy, to society, and to each of us personally. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are—or who we want to be. It is the most immediate form of self-expression.

  • Yves Saint Laurent – P. Berge


    At the age of 21 Yves Saint Laurent became head of the House of Dior. Four years later, he and Pierre Berge, author of this intriguing book, opened Saint Laurent’s eponymous house; forever changing the way women dress. Yves Saint Laurent designs have become part of the grammar of fashion. This illustrated volume presents vibrant photographs of his most important designs and a personal text honoring his legacy.