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  • Edouard Manet


    This richly illustrated book introduces Manet’s work and his uniquely influential combination of Realism, Impressionism, and reworked Old Masters that would become paradigms of a brave new world for generations of modernists to come.

  • Hidden in the Shadow of the Master: The Model-Wives of Cézanne, Monet & Rodin


    In this remarkable book of discovery, art historian Ruth Butler coaxes three shadowy women out of obscurity and introduces them for the first time as individuals. Through unprecedented research, Butler has been able to create portraits of Hortense Fiquet, Camille Doncieux, and Rose Beuret—the models, and later the wives, respectively, of Cézanne, Monet, and Rodin, three of the most famous French artists of their generation

  • Modern Art (Art Essentials)


    Amy Dempsey unravels the all-too-often daunting language of modern art by mapping the styles, schools and movements that help us understand modern and contemporary art, from Impressionism in the 19th century to Destination Art in the 21st.

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    Renoir. 40th Ed.

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    Though often misunderstood, Renoir remains one of history’s most well-loved painters―undoubtedly because his works exude such warmth, tenderness, and good spirit.

  • Impressionism


    In this TASCHEN Basic Art introduction to Impressionism, we explore the artists, subjects, and techniques that first brought the easel out of the studio and shifted artistic attention from history, religion, or portraiture to the evanescent ebb and flow of modern life.

  • Paint with the Impressionists


    Paint with the Impressionists – A Step-by-step Guide to Their Methods and Materials for Today’s Artists

  • Renoir


    One of the leading lights of the Impressionist movement, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919) remains a towering figure in art history with enduring public appeal. Sun-kissed, charming, and sensual, his work shows painting at its most lighthearted and luminous, while championing the plein air and color innovations of his time.

  • Splat!


    Splat! is the history of art at its most exciting and outrageous. Organized by artist and covering both key events and major movements such as the Renaissance and Impressionism to Surrealism and contemporary art, it is a valuable resource for young people curious about art.

  • The Little Book of Vuillard


    This newest addition to the Little Book series publishes to coincide with a major Vuillard retrospective opening at the National Museum, Washington D.C. mid-January 2003. The exhibit travels to Montreal in the Spring and then to Europe. In The Little Book of Vuillard (1868- 1940) we have the authority of French curators, a full color…

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    This is Monet

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    Claude Monet is best known as a leader of the Impressionists, his paintings defining the style that triggered a revolution in art. During the eighty-six years of his life, Monet never rested, and was always driven by the urge to paint.

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    This is van Gogh

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    Vincent van Gogh used art to express his intensely emotional response to the world around him. Enraptured by the beauty of nature and tormented by the sorrows of human existence, he produced in his tragically short life some of the most powerfully expressive paintings ever seen.