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  • The Pan African Review


    In this magazine, we examine what kind of leadership Africa needs to meet the expectations for dignity, freedom, and development of ordinary Africans as well as the practical steps that ought to be taken to ensure meaningful liberation.

  • Esopus 15


    The 15th issue of ESOPUS is devoted entirely to television, which Paddy Chayefsky famously called “the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.” Contents include artists’ projects by Alex Bag, Dara Birnbaum, and Johan Grimonprez, as well as an interview with Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King relating to their…

  • Uppercase #26


    Even the smallest things have the potential to inspire us in big ways.

  • William Kentridge – Art and Australia – What will Come (Has Already Come)


    Quarterly Journal Volume 36 Number 2 – Summer 1998.In its various incarnations, Art & Australia has enjoyed a long and rich history as Australia’s premier art journal. The magazine continues to evolve, focusing now on the latest developments in Australian and international contemporary art, and on encouraging emerging artists. The quarterly publication approaches art in innovative…