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  • Insider’s Guide – How and Where to Photograph Birds in Southern Africa


    Whether you are new to bird photography or already a passionate hobbyist, this guide will teach you all the tools, techniques, and creative ideas required to take your bird photography to the next level. It covers everything you need to know to make your images look spectacular, including how to choose the right equipment, where to look for birds and how to predict their movements, how to get close enough to your subject, and how to produce sharp images. This is the most comprehensive guide on bird photography available—and the only guide you’ll ever need.

  • Twenty Parachutes


    Nazraeli Press is a publisher of books of photography. It was founded in 1989, in Munich, Germany, by Chris Pichler and has been based in the USA since 1996.  ‘Twenty Parachutes’ is a unique book showcasing the photographs of late Margaret Bourke-White. Writer and curator, Trudy Wilner Stack, wrote the following in the introduction of ‘Twenty Parachutes’: “Few careers with a camera have been as narrated and celebrated as that of Margaret Bourke-White. With legendary fortitude and energy, Bourke-White time and again nailed the assignments she was given with formal brilliance and incisive descriptive power. In this series of images, we feel a relaxing of her precision as she recorded an emblematic struggle between natural force and human ingenuity, between our limitations and the grand devices we create to defy them.”