Allen Jones – Works


Paperback, 140 pages

Published January 3rd 2006 by Royal Academy Books

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Top-shelf magazine meets fine art. High-heeled, fetishistic women parade through a world of Matissean colour. Allen Jones’s use of these apparent stereotypes has made him a controversial figure in the art world. Tackling issues of gender and power raised by his work, and including images of Jones’s source material and his own photography, this is the first publication to survey his career. Jones established his reputation in the 1960s as a Pop artist. Since then he has remained true to his artistic roots, developing and exploring a rich vein of imagery drawn predominantly from the world of advertising and exploring the boundaries between commercial and fine art. As well as investigating his fine art work, this publication also looks at other aspects of his career – his work for the theatre, ballet and film – and reveals an artist who, having been influenced by the world of fashion, has seen his work appropriated by the fashion world.

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