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Broadcast Quality – The Art of Big Brother II


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“Towards the end of May 2002. The Trinity Session received a phone call from two entrepreneurial publicity babes known as Glam Slam. Both the Trinity Session and Glam Slam were involved with the Topsy Foundation, a charity and sanctuary that cares for children affected by HIV and AIDS: Glam Slam were working on developing the arts and culture portfolio for the charity, and the Trinity Session had introduced several working proposals for site-specific and ‘functional sculpture’ projects at the Topsy sanctuary in Mpumalanga. The Topsy foundation was one of the beneficiaries of the first Big Brother South Africa, and there was a possibility of being involved in the second. The phone call was brief, but it went something like: ‘How would you like to curate art for the Big Brother II house? We’ve scheduled a meeting with the producers for next week.'” The Trinity Session