Genetic Self-Portrait


The book is a ground breaking exploration of the infinite possibilities that define who we are and celebrates the art and science of fine printing. Printed on a rich uncoated paper at The Stinehour Press the book captures all the subtleties, grace and texture of Schneider’s original prints. Genetic self-portrait also includes insightful and informative essays by Lori Pauli, Ann Thomas and Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles.

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To produce most of the images in Genetic Self-Portrait Schneider worked with internationally acclaimed scientists and utilized advanced imaging systems to present an intimate look at himself from dramatic handprints to individual chromosomes. The New York Times Magazine has recognized the ground breaking significance of genetic self-portrait and featured a large selection of the work in their important Millennium series. The work also has been exhibited around the world and is scheduled to tour to major international institution in 2000 and beyond.