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It Doesn’t Mean Anything But it Looks Good


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“One of my favourite works of yours is called Darling done with marker pen on paper. It makes me think of the Julie Christie movie with the same title or wallpaper gone crazy. In this work and others I’ve noticed that you use little m,arks that in cartoons usually mean ‘stink’or sometimes highlight a character’s bright new thought. So, ‘thinking’ or ‘stinking seems important to you which makes me wonder, are you a minimalist intellectual?”

“A minimalist intellectual? No, I am a feminist conceptual pop artist!”

– John Waters in conversation with Lily van der Stokker

Lily van der Stokker incorporates pop art, text, vibrant colour and furniture to create a series of installations and conceptual drawings. Her works are described as active and they seem to animate their surroundings.