/ / / / Julian Opie: Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg (German)

Julian Opie: Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg (German)


Published 2004



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This fully illustrated catalogue has been published to accompany the most comprehensive exhibition by Julian Opie of recent years. For the exhibition Opie has worked with the Ikon building as a whole, comparing a journey through the exhibition with a jourrney through the outside world. The show (and catalogue) presents sound, painting, sculpture and video, including roadscape wallpaintings and a new series of landscape, cityscape and seascape paintings. The exhibition spills out of Ikon’s galleries into unexpected places – the stairwell, the reception area and Oozells Square, Brindleyplace. A specially commissioned site-specific work, visible from both outside and inside the gallery, is installed in the lift shaft.

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