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Robin Rhode – Who Saw Who


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Robin Rhode’s art uses the barest of means to comment on urban poverty, the politics of leisure and the commodifcation of youth culture. The artist has a reputation for brilliantly inventive performances, photography and video animation and which drawing plays crucial role.In his works, which are often created on the street., Rhode interacts with two-dimensional representations ¬†of every day objects; he draws a candle and attempts to blow it out; he paints a bicycles and tries to ride it. Recently, he has moved towards more abstracts forms of paintings and drawing , and also begun to make sculpture. Robin Rhode ; Who Saw Who is fully illustrated and includes,for the first time,reproduction of Rhode’s newest work created at Southbank Centre, London. With an interview with Stephenie Rosenthal and essays by Michele Robecci and James Sey ,Who Saw Who provides insight into Rhode’s imaginative practice.