Children’s Book Specials!

This October Spoil the precious kids in your life, with a special deal of 20% off all purchases of two or more Children’s books! Here are a couple of our favorite kids books.

Under The Ocean pop-up

Climb aboard the sailboat Océano and get ready to depart on an expedition around the world! The scenery changes as we sail from busy port to icy Arctic, through stormy seas, on into an idyllic sunset. But it’s what lies under the ocean that will surprise and thrill you the most. This Beautiful Book combines awe- inspiring pop-ups with cutting-edge illustration and design in a celebration of the splendors of the ocean!

In the Forest pop-up

In a lush green forest, a sloth sleeps. Can you see him?
CLANG!?Machines come to tear down the trees, but the sloth still sleeps … will he wake up?

Turn the pages of this ingenious and stylish pop-up book, which tells the story of one lazy sloth who hangs on in there as the forest is destroyed and then reborn.

Skin we are in

Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history.

Available in: English, Isixhosa, Afrikaans, IsiZulu

I Am– a Book about Feelings

I Am is a wonderful introduction to emotions and feelings for the very young, helping little ones to visualise situations and giving them words to express themselves.

Jill And Dragon

‘And they all lived happily ever after.’

At least, that’s what Jill’s story book tries telling her, but Jill can’t help noticing that at the end of the story, one character looks far from happy. Dragon is despised by the King because all he can do is singe, burn and barbeque. So in an attempt to see her fairy tale ring true, Jill invites Dragon out of the book so she can teach him some alternative life skills.

Dragon throws himself into all of Jill’s favourite things: flower arranging, fashion styling, playing the trumpet, and hosting a tea party, but with disappointing results. When it seems as though all hope is lost, Jill and Dragon discover that he has one very unique, and palatable, talent…

How to draw a Chicken

Drawing a chicken is easy … isn’t it? Follow Jean-Vincent’s attempts to draw a chicken as he has to contend with runaway beaks, sleeping eggs and peckish chickens. The entertaining characters and witty text in this book will charm readers of all ages and will encourage children to draw with humour and imagination.

White Noise Pop-up

White Noise is a laptop sculpture garden, a romp through cubism and futurism, and a lesson in early-20th-century modernist formalism’ – Steven Heller, New York Times

Enter the mesmerising world of David A. Carter, the award-winning creator of One Red Dot and 600 Black Spots. In White Noise the paper structures are not only incredibly elegant and intricate; they even create their own sounds as they open, adding a whole new dimension to the reading experience. Children and adults alike will adore this new masterpiece from the unchallenged master of the pop-up.

Poka and Mia- Wakey Wakey

Have you ever had to drag your parents out of bed? Mia the insect could use your help! It’s a nice day outside and she can’t wait to get going, but Poka is still fast asleep…

This charming children’s book follows endearing characters in everyday situations, making these books perfect for early readers. Illustrator Kitty Crowther offers distinct illustration style underpinned by a humanist sensibility.


Last week a lady checked her baggage:

A suitcase,
A hatbox,
A couch,
A painting, a package, a pouch,
And last but not least, one cute little pooch.

But will the baggage reach its destination? Follow the fate of the lady, her luggage and her cute little pooch in this charming and stunningly illustrated caper.

Baggage was first published in Russia in 1926 as part of a plan for a new style of picture book, established by the Commissariat of Enlightenment to educate the children of the revolution. It is the product of the exceptional and fruitful collaboration between the two leaders of the movement, the poet and writer, Samuil Marshak, and the avant-garde artist, Vladimir Lebedev.

Miffy the artist

Ever since Dick Bruna created Miffy in 1955, she has endeared herself to generations of young children and has become one of the best-loved children’s book characters of all time. In this charming new addition to the Miffy story, Miffy takes inspiration from a visit to an art museum and decides to become an artist herself. Looking at the colors and shapes of the world around her, she discovers what fun it can be to make pictures of the things she sees. By bedtime, her bedroom walls are covered with her wonderful artwork. An inspiring book for budding artists and a terrific introduction to the value of a visit to the art museum.

Kachoo Series

Tina Scotford’s Kachoo books are her first published works and are inspired by her travels to exotic bush destinations including the Serengeti, Lake Tarangire and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; Chobe and the Okavango Delta in Botswana; and South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe and Klaserie game reserves.

Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

After a long week of investigating crimes, the world’s greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick, and his loyal assistant, Nelson, are visiting the art museum. They’ve barely arrived when Brunswick’s whiskers tingle with curiosity. The art museum’s prized portrait of the Admiral somehow looks different!

Clever conclusions and sophisticated solutions ensue as Brunswick and Nelson track down the missing item, discovering in the process a caterpillar with a fondness for art.

Jafta Series

Jafta, a young boy growing up in Africa, describes some of his everyday feelings by comparing his actions to those of various African animals. In this Series we also learn about the love he has for his mother and his father.

Available in : English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi

Shorty And Billy Boy

Shorty and Billy Boy is the tale of two troublesome dogs whose thieving ways take them to the far-away town of Porcupine Hills. Here they meet all sorts of interesting characters, but continue their mischief until Billy Boy is caught red-handed and sent to jail. Here he dreams about the kindness of others, and comes to realise that good deeds are the true measure of freedom.

Written and illustrated in 1973 by one of South Africa’s most famous artists, Gerard Sekoto, Shorty and Billy Boy, is a book for children as well as art lovers and collectors. The manuscript forms part of a private collection of Sekoto’s sketches, artworks, letters and memoirs. The story was clearly written and illustrated as a personal exercise and possibly a sentimental souvenir of his own childhood memories, but has never been published until now.

Available in: English, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa

Nyambura Waits for the Bus

Nyambura is going to visit her Gogo! She arrives at the bustling market place to find that she is last in the queue and that the bus has not yet arrived. While she waits for the bus, Nyambura remembers the fun things that she and her Gogo have done together. Meanwhile, the queue of people is getting shorter and shorter because of disaster that strikes each of the waiting passengers. Will Nyambura’s generous spirit help them to get on the bus in time?

Available in: English, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans

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