“Crashed” Book Launch with Melinda Ferguson

“Crashed” Book Launch | David Krut Bookstore | 151 Jan Smuts Avenue | 4 November 2015 | 6PM 

To celebrate her 14-year clean and sober birthday, Ferguson organises to take a R3.2 million Ferrari California out on a test drive for the day. Twenty minutes before she returns the car, she is involved in a spectacular car crash, during which she experiences a near-death collision.
The crash is a catalyst for a series of life-changing events. Over the following months her long-term relationship implodes in a heart-ripping showdown of betrayal and deception. She is faced with a litany of legal and financial nightmares as a result of the Ferrari being written off, while certain members of the
dog-eat-dog motoring journo industry relish in her downfall.