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Our theme of body awareness and working through the senses continues

Body awareness is essential as our bodies are the base from which we experiencing everything else. Body awareness means the understanding of one’s own body, the location of the different body parts as well as how they relate to each other. An example is when we execute everyday movement such as climbing up stairs or running over a meadow coordinating arms, legs and using our eyes at the same time to know where we are going.  It also means having knowledge of all the body parts: their names, what they are used for, their size and shape, as well as the amount of certain body parts is vital information to establish a good understanding of the body as a whole.

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There are many components that are part of developing good body awareness. One of the most important component is how the child sees and feels him/herself inside his or her body. It is the emotional relationship that children build with their bodies that sets the foundation of how they experience the world through their eyes, hands, feet and ears.

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How we see work is part of our perception and is influenced by how we feel inside and which skills we have established to interact with the world.  That is why we emphasise the theme of body awareness and creating safe spaces for children where they can experiment and experience how it feels to be themselves with and through their bodies.

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We are there to assist children in understanding themselves better and in a positive way.  With this foundation children can go out into the world and learn how to read, write, and speak openly about their emotions, climb trees, balance on boardwalks and have satisfying non-violent relationship with themselves and others.

by Regina Broenner