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  • Misadventures of a Cope Volunteer -My Crash Course in Politics


    What happens when you form a political party six months before a general election? And instantly become the hope of the nation? Mostly chaos! At least that is what 26-year-old Michiel le Roux encounters when he quits his enviable job as a banker at Absa to “make a difference”.

  • Robert Hodgins


    “Slowly, all these beautiful, plump, female nudes became cumbrous and all the handsome male nudes became heavy and distorted. I may have been quietly changing or I may have been finding what I really wanted to do.” Robert Hodgins

  • Sour Grapes


    Irreverent, opinionated, always amusing, Pendock probes incisively beneath the tannic skin of the wine world. This book gives a refreshingly sceptical view of the entourage of wine commentators – the VIPs, the writers, the connoisseurs and the amateurs, the charlatans and the experts, the professionals and the detractors – the people who really make our local wines tick.