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  • 100 Good Ideas-Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy


    100 Good Ideas: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy embraces South African creativity. From iconic people and worthwhile innovations to inspiring designs and useful trends, the 100 good ideas presented in this book are as extraordinary as they are diverse.

  • 101 Detectives


    A private-eye convention and a tussle over a Pierneef A young man’s unsettling experience in the American South and a tragedy off the coast of Mauritius. A bizarre night of industrial theatre and a translator at a loss for words.

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    A Rumour of Spring – South Africa After 20 Years of Democracy


    An honest and balanced account, A Rumour of Spring tackles the questions asked by ordinary South Africans every day: How are we really doing? What is really going on in our country? How should we understand what is happening here? And will it get any better?

  • Cabin Fever and Other Stories


    Slipping down a rabbit hole at a costume party like Alice, feeling zero gravity like a spaceman kissing a fellow alien, or drawing blood in the library…These short stories portray a reality that is often brutal, and probe the notion of personal responsibility – when should you intervene?

  • Double Negative


    A senior photography introduces a young man to the intricacies of photography. ‘If,’ he says, ‘I try to imagine the lives going on in all these houses, the domestic dramas, the family sagas, it seems impossibly complicated.

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    False River


    “You are too close to the water”, Paul whispered. “There are barbels in the mud. They will wake up if you step on them.” When Paul and Dominique are sent to boarding schools in Natal, their idyllic childhood on a Free State farm is over. Their parents and leftist politics has made life impossible in…

  • Home Remedies


    Violence and tragedy lurk in this seaside town, and when Joanna’s world is shaken to its core, it is up to her to find her own brand of muti.

    But how much of history is chance? And when does revenge become insanity?

  • No Man’s Land


    Hauled from the breathing spaces of his marriage and job to
    appear before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Paul du
    Toit finds himself in a country that has no place for him anymore.

  • Sister-Sister


    In childhood Thuli and Sindi are inseparable, pinkie-linked by magic no one else can understand. Then a strange man comes knocking, bringing news from a hometown they didn’t know existed. His arrival sets into motion events that will lead them into the darkest places, on a search for salvation where the all-too-familiar and the extraordinary merge, blurring the boundaries between dream and reality.

  • The Fall of the Black -Eyed Night


    Using the fictive setting of the upmarket Bay Regal Hotel in a very recognisable Cape Town, this novel brings several lives together in dramatic and unusual combinations. Through the main character, Shehzad Shadhili, son of an imam, it expresses a sense of dislocation and shame that can be traced to two episodes in Shehzad’s past in London at the time of the July 2005 Islamist bombings in the city.

  • The Spiral House


    The year is 1794, it is the age of enlightenment, and on Vogelzang the master is conducting strange experiments in human breeding and classification. It is also here that Trijn falls in love.

  • Under the Sway :A Photographic Journey Through Mozambique


    This photographic title is comprised of diverse sections, including historical pictures, a map of the country and the actual photographic journey. The journey is divided into three sections that echo the geographic regions of the country

  • Whoever Fears the Sea


    South African scriptwriter Paul Waterson is in Kenya to carry out research for a documentary film. It’s October 2001, and his relationship has come to an unexpected end.