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Satellite Creative Works Johannesburg

On Mandela Day, 18 of July, The David Krut Projects Team and Creative Works representative in Johannesburg Khosi Radebe spent the day at MaiMai Day-care, in Johannesburg CBD.

During the visit the children at the day-care were given lunch and cake supplied by Johannesburg Culinary & Pastry School and David Krut Projects. After lunch the children had their faces painted while they spent the rest of the afternoon drawing and painting. A big thank you to everyone who participated.

David Krut projects has provided support to the Creative Works project since its beginning in 2012. Movement Breaks in the Classroom was published by DK and was followed up by a interactive 2-day workshop with Regina Broenner and Khosi Radebe in Johannesburg.

The feedback of the Teacher and Caregiver Workshop led to the realisation that educational support in the form of workshops and sharing of knowledge for preschool teachers and parents was called for. Due to this realisation and information gathering session, we started a satellite Creative Works program run by Khosi Radebe for inner city crèches in Johannesburg and Soweto.

We are looking forward to extend our reach and connect to more ECD facilities in South Africa building up a support network of practitioners.

by Elize De Beer