Stanford Creative Works – August 2016

Our theme for the workshops for August is self expression through movement painting and collage making. Our observations in the open workshops as well as the school environment has shown that many children are struggling with building up adequate verbal, as well as social skills to express themselves through words. We are seeing children lacking social skills that prevent them from engaging in a variety of school related, as well as vocational activities. Children need to be able to understand what they are seeing around them and in order to do that they need the space and time given to express their inner world. In that way they can give meaning to what they see and feel in their daily lives. We as adults can create spaces where children are not judged or marked on achievement  but rather just be allowed to be themselves in a safe space. If we can create these safe spaces and allow children to be creative we can help to prevent children expressing their emotions through violence and anger. The workshops are aiming to create such a space for children to express themselves freely. We as adults create the opportunity but let the children direct their creative expression. In this workshop the children were invited to create a collage with pictures of their favourite animals and decorate the picture with a variety of different materials. Each piece turned out to be different and original, where children of all ages could engage according to their level of skill.
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