Saturday Talk at 151 | Artistic Expression is a Constant Companion

Join us on Saturday 18 January at 11 AM at the David Krut Bookstore and Gallery – THE BLUE HOUSE – 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood for a casual talk between two creatives from Frankfurt, Germany. ‘Artistic expression is a constant companion’ will be a presentation by James Culver (Creative communicator and educator from USA) and Andrea Blumoer (Visual artist from Germany) as they unpack thoughts around Artistic Development and Continued Expression.

Andrea Blumoer is a visual artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. After years of political activism and traveling to various countries in Africa and Europe, Asia and North-America she turned towards the arts. At Freie Akademie der bildenden Kuenste (art-academy) in Essen she studied interdisciplinary fine arts with a concentration on painting and photography. Blumoer has exhibited at various places in- and outside Germany such as Stockholm, Berlin, Dakar, and Basel.  In her art she is interested in telling stories inspired by history from below, conflict and everyday life. In the conversation she  would like to talk about the importance of historical research for her process and give an insight into artist-run activities.
instagram: andreablumoer_artist
James Culver is a creative educator and communicator who doubles as a professional drummer.
“Life is punctuated by choices and while much isn’t in our control, we can choose what we take with us along the way. Artistic expression is a constant companion first as a way to communicate with myself, with others in collaboration and then an audience. Starting as a professional gospel drummer at 11 y.o. and moving through Blues, Jazz, Latin, soul, R&B and Funk, the expression of music has forged connections with bandmates, producers, and audiences in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Along the way, being a professional storyteller, children’s book author, essayist and lyricist has brought fulfillment, joy, and perspectives to help make sense of my world. A focus in the conversation will be artistic development and continued expression for expression’s sake. “