The William Kentridge Podcast Playlist

The following episodes are extracted from the David Krut Podcast available on Spotify and Apple Music. As long-term collaborators with William Kentridge we promote his books and art at THE BLUE HOUSE. Listen to the episodes below to for exclusives on William Kentridge!

On Techniques; Influences and Artworks | Listening time: 3 minutes

This podcast contains a number of audio snippets from a CD-ROM on William Kentridge published by David Krut in 1997.

27 Years of Collaboration: Feature on Universal Archives | Listening time: 4 minutes

This episode looks at the artworks included in the exhibition from the Universal Archive.

27 Years of Collaboration: The Thought Forest | Listening time: 21 minutes

In this episode of the David Krut Podcast we are going to step outside and wander into the forest. A forest that is, populated with trees drawn and printed by William Kentridge.

27 Years of Collaboration: Rhinos | Listening time: 15 minutes

In this episode, we focus on the presence of rhinos in the work of William Kentridge. Here we present to you two related extracts about rhinos and the making of them, taken from publications on the artist’s work.

Unpacking FAQs on the Work of Kentridge | Listening time 55 minutes

This episode is taken from a conversation hosted at David Krut Projects on 17 November 2019, in conjunction with the exhibition – William Kentridge: 27 Years of collaboration with David Krut.

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