Transition Garden in Regensburg, Germany

On our visit to Germany we connected and visited several community projects, one of them being the Transition Garten fuer Alle in Regensburg town.

The garden is a community initiative whereby residents come and grow vegetables; connect with nature by working together on garden projects. The garden is run on municipal land and there is a list of volunteers from each neighborhood who take responsibility for watering, planting, supervising the land and the equipment. The garden is in the centre of town and is the third of its kind in the Regensburg area.

Produce is shared amongst the residents. Regular community festivals and meals are done in the garden space. This specific site was started in January 2014 and has quickly developed into a thriving garden with spinach, carrots, strawberries, marrows and more.

The transition garden is an example of a successful initiative fully supported by the community. We will now be able to transfer knowledge of Transition Garten fuer Alle to the gardens in Stanford.

Regina Broenner

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