Word Art: Preview – Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now

In this episode, Britt Lawton chats to Hagen Gersie about the significance of the MOMA catalogue and exhibition Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now – by Judith B. Hecker. A unique and brief history of South African Art and politics is explored through the selection of works from the Museum of Modern Arts collection.

Britt outlines the content of the catalogue – which is consistent with the educational message of the exhibition. She also expands on the reason why she chose to preview this catalogue and explores the structure of the collection that spans over 20 South African artists through a variety of print mediums and era’s.

Sandile Goje, The Meeting of Two Cultures, 1993
Diane Victor, Disasters of Peace, 2001 – 2003

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