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‘A Tale of Quests’ by Purnaa Deb

Thursday 3 May, 2018 at 6 pm

David Krut Bookstore Gallery is pleased to present ‘A Tale of Quests’, a body of mixed media artworks by Indian-born, Joburg based artist Purnaa Deb.

By employing the full versatility of multiple techniques of drawing, printmaking, appliqué (ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric in different patterns are sewn or stuck onto a larger piece. Thus to form a picture or pattern), embroidery, text and visual vernacular. Purnaa creates her own interpretation of traditional Indian art forms.

This body of work celebrates womanhood and the identities inherent in it; daughter, wife, artist. In her personal expression, it tells the story of a modern woman hailing from middle-class India before relocating to Johannesburg. This is Purnaa’s first solo feature. She states: “I would like the viewers to transcend this apparent exoticness and absorb the story within, scattered fragments, forgotten moments, precious memories…tales from inside.”

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